May 22, 2022

the company before the industrial tribunal for having renewed a fixed-term contract for 30 years


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M. Heidmann, T. Sitter, L. Grandadam

France 3

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An iconic brand finds itself facing justice. The industrial tribunal must rule on the case of an employee of Kronenbourg. Now retired, Rabah, a former temporary worker, worked a total of forty years in the company without ever obtaining a permanent contract. For him, this is due to his North African origins.

On a desk, a stack of 177 temporary and fixed-term contracts, still with Kronenbourg since 1992. Rabah worked for the company for forty years without ever obtaining a permanent contract. A friend of his helped him bring the case to the industrial tribunal. “Supposedly he wasn’t fit for hire. If he’s not fit for hire, why is he coming for decades?”, challenges his friend.

Rabah’s lawyer is asking for her client’s contracts to be reclassified as permanent contracts and underlines discrimination in hiring because of her surname of North African origin. The management of Kronenbourg did not wish to comment on this subject. Maître Nicole Radius, Rabah’s lawyer, is asking for 200,000 euros in damages.


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