January 23, 2022

The best laptop configurations to choose for a small business

Posted on December 15, 2021, 3:42 PM

Having a powerful computer is not necessarily what you need because it all depends on your needs. You can have a computer with a configuration that exceeds your needs when you have a small business or is just simply unsuitable. Thus, to know the best configurations, you must first define your needs.

Moreover, not all small businesses have the same profile. It is obvious that a small multimedia or IT startup will not have the same needs as an agricultural or e-commerce SME. So, do you wonder what laptop configurations to choose for a small business? Answers …

Definition of needs

The configuration of a computer refers to all the material and technical elements that allow it to be used. It includes the size of the computer, its speed, its capacities, its autonomy, its power, among other elements. Depending on your sector of intervention, your needs will differ. If the purpose of your computer is basic use, you won’t need a big setup.

You should also list the apps that you and your employees will need to do your job. Before you buy a laptop, make sure it can fit all of them without any problem. This technical aspect takes precedence over the aesthetic aspect.
In a prospective dimension, you must take into account your needs in the near future if you are a small business. This saves you the trouble of having to change computers when business is good.

The power

The power of your computer is embodied by the processor (CPU). The more powerful your computer, the better the tasks will be managed. So, if you have a small business that works in statistics, in data processing with a requirement for speed in computing and multimedia, you need a computer with a Core processor. This saves you wasting time.

On the other hand, if you need a computer for word processing, surfing the internet, community management, sending emails, etc., you don’t need a lot of power. If you regularly download videos, you should at least choose an intermediate power.

Besides, as a small business, if you often connect to the internet with your computers, it is better to download the best Windows VPN to hide the IP address!

Indeed, having a high-performance VPN will above all protect your activity from all risks of cybercriminal attacks. In addition, by protecting your computers from any cyber attack, you will naturally increase their performance. Finally, this protection of PCs through a VPN allows you to increase your turnover while ensuring the security of your business.

Storage and memory

Memory is responsible for the execution of several tasks at the same time. Usually for a small business you need powerful RAM because agents are multitasking. Sometimes there is only one computer where all the work is done. In order to prevent it from crashing and delaying you, you need to have a fairly powerful RAM. If you are in the IT industry, this criterion is non-negotiable.

Regarding storage, it all depends on your needs. When buying your laptop, always maximize your needs. Better to have too much space than not to have enough. Still, it is possible to have an external storage memory also called an external hard drive.

The operating system

There are regularly new operating systems under the Windows nomenclature. You can install updates whenever there is a new one. However, if you have an older computer, the windows 10 operating system may not work properly.

Sometimes you cannot access certain advantages because each new version of operating system is made on the basis of new computer models.
Thus, with a latest generation laptop, your employees will be able to use the operating system with automatic updates, voice control and optimized protection.

The availability

The availability of your laptop refers to its autonomy and multiple configurations.

Battery life is of utmost importance if you perform an activity that requires you to move around with it. There are laptops with a battery life that can cover 8 hours of working time. It all depends on the types of software you open, connectivity, etc. There are others that only have two hours of battery life. The relevance of your choice depends on your needs.

For multiple setups, these are often the 2-in-1 computers whose ultra slim form doesn’t reflect all the power it has. If you are in a field where the aesthetics of your equipment and its performance are marketing elements, this choice is opportune. These are computers that can be converted into tablets and incorporate features like facial recognition or voice control.

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