January 24, 2022

the Alsatian company Biosynex announces a PCR test in 30 minutes for February 2022

The Alsatian company Biosynex, specializing in rapid diagnostic tests, announces the availability of a PCR test that can be carried out in 30 minutes for February 2022.

Biosynex continues its dazzling development driven by the pandemic and its multiple waves. The Alsatian specialist in rapid diagnostic tests announces the arrival on the market of a 30-minute PCR test available in February 2022.

Larry Abensur, President and CEO of Biosynex, assures him: “It is a fast product, easy to use, suitable for emergencies and as reliable as a conventional PCR test”. Its code name: Ampliflash.

On December 29, 2021, Biosynex officially acquires the human health branch of Enalees, a company specializing in the development and manufacture of rapid molecular diagnostic tests using an isothermal amplification method.

Its tests for horses, dogs and felines use constant temperature PCR technology. The “classic” PCR test is based on thermal cycles to amplify the genome of the viruses, bacteria and parasites sought.

“This isothermal technology, that is to say at room temperature, allows a much simpler implementation. No need for major industrialization” says Larry Abensur. “It’s an elegant and French solution”. French and soon even Alsatian.

Initially, Biosynex will subcontract with Enalees. The raw materials are also on their way. Ultimately, Larry Abensur assures him: “the idea is to develop and produce at our site in Illkirch-Graffenstaden”. He gives himself a year.

Alsatian society sees more. Because there is more to life than covid, it plans to develop this technology on a panel of infectious parameters: “We can, for example, detect several respiratory viruses at the same time”. Other applications are planned in neonatology or in the field of tropical diseases. “This 30-minute PCR test represents great potential for international development”, specifies the president of Biosynex.

These tests are primarily intended for use in laboratories with limited equipment or in emergency hospital laboratories. Regarding the price, the president of Biosynex specifies “that it is twice as high as a conventional PCR test”. This is also why, despite the rapidity of the result, it will not be able to supplant the antigen. “In certain countries or certain situations, the antigen remains perfectly adapted”.

With the upcoming arrival on the market of this 30-minute PCR test, Biosynex, which now has 250 employees, plans to hire 50 additional people in 2022. Before the pandemic, Biosynex’s turnover was 35 millions of euros. It has now increased almost tenfold, reaching 310 million euros at the end of 2021.