May 26, 2022

Teréga relies on the territories for the energy transition

by Lara rinaldi

It is one of the two gas transmission network operators in France. For more than 70 years, Teréga has been operating in New Aquitaine and Occitanie. “Our creation dates back to the beginnings of French gas in the southwest of the country, 75 years ago,” explains Dominique Mockly, CEO of the company. A way had to be found to transport and store the gas in order to secure its supply. The Société nationale de gaz du Sud-Ouest then exploited the Lacq field (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), discovered in the early 1950s.

Dominique Mockly, CEO of Teréga

The company will subsequently be integrated into the Total group, which will separate in 2013. “Today, we are an independent player, not owned by a producer or a seller of gas,” says Dominique Mockly. Called for a time Transport and Infrastructure Gaz France (TGIF), the company belongs to a consortium of companies made up of the Italian gas transport and storage operator (Snam), the Singapore sovereign wealth fund (GIC) and EDF.

Intermediary between suppliers and distributors

Based in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), the company with 500 million turnover in 2019 operates more than 5,000 km of underground pipelines, or 15% of the French network. It also manages nearly 25% of national storage capacities at two sites, in the Landes and the Gers. “Our role is to enable the supply of gas (natural or biomethane) to industrialists and municipalities in our territory, the South-West, and to manage interconnections with Spain,” explains the Chairman and CEO of Teréga. To do this, we are in constant dialogue with suppliers and the second French transport operator, GRTgaz, a subsidiary of Engie. “

Teréga is thus the intermediary between 70 producers and their end customers, including more than a hundred manufacturers and seven public distributors such as Gaz de Bordeaux. In order to ensure the monitoring and maintenance of the network, the company of 650 employees has seven teams located in the South-West.

Territorial anchoring is at the heart of Teréga’s project. This is why the company changed its name in 2018. “Our new identity is built from the words territories, networks and gas,” explains Dominique Mockly. We want to be players in the world of tomorrow and remain convinced that this involves territories and energy transition. »A commitment to renewable energies which notably involves investments in local innovative companies through the Teréga Solutions subsidiary. “For example, the group acquired a stake in DualMetha (20%) and Chadasaygas (40%), two companies recognized for their anaerobic digestion process to produce biomethane. Teréga is also betting on hydrogen and thus participated, for 10 million euros, in the IPO of Hydrogen de France, whose plant is located in the Bordeaux region.

It is in this spirit that Teréga is participating, for the third consecutive year, in the Big Tour organized by Bpifrance. This summer, the gas operator is offering a 3D animation on the theme of renewable energies in 2050. “This exhibition allows us to discuss, particularly with young people, on climate issues, the impact of different energies but also the creation of local solutions for a carbon-free world ”, concludes the CEO.

Meet other entrepreneurs from Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Big Tour tour stops on August 9 in the town of Vieux-Boucau (Landes). On the program: discovery of local businesses, games and concerts. Partner of Bpifrance, Teréga will also be present during the stages of August 12 and 13 in Barcarès (Pyrénées-Orientales) and Narbonne (Aude). For more details, visit