January 26, 2022

Students from Francine Leca colleges in Sancerre become entrepreneurs and create two businesses

Each year, college students entering third grade have the opportunity to enroll in an option intended to introduce them to the business world as part of the Entreprendre pour Apprendre (EPA) program.

For the start of the 2021 school year, around fifty students have expressed an interest in this optional course.

“Usually, we received about fifteen students so it is a real satisfaction to see that the young people are volunteers and want to get involved in something that is not compulsory”, comments Stéphane Col, Spanish teacher. who supervises new entrepreneurs with Rahled Sahnoune, professor of mathematics.

After job interviews, thirty-one students joined the system. Two groups were formed to form two distinct companies, united around a common theme: ecology.

“It was not even a subject of debate, we all wanted to work on this theme”, assure the students in unison.

Eco-responsible projects

“We then had other interviews in order to apply for the different roles that co-exist in a company”, explain in chorus Catia Moreira and Candice Crochet, CEOs of the company Top Tot ‘, which they created with their comrades.

For this first company, the young entrepreneurs are working on the making of a reusable bag, tote bag type. (fabric bags, editor’s note), which, when unfolded, could be used as a tablecloth.

“The idea is to recycle fabrics such as sheets, tablecloths, to make our bags, which would be washable. We are thinking about a folding system, to make it practical and space-saving, ”explains Eugénie Bricard, production manager.Top Tot ‘company

In the other group, the company Sawash’eco, co-managed by Pauline Millet and Maxence Malan, has entered the prototyping phase of its product: a recycled fabric sponge.

“The initial concept is to weave a sponge, from recycled fabric, which can be used to wash the body, to do the housework or to do the dishes”

To make their prototypes, the schoolchildren left tissue collection boxes in several shops in Sancerre.Sawash’eco company

For the time being, companies have started their communication campaigns and the search for subsidies. In particular, they asked the municipality of Sancerre for a subsidy. For 2022, entrepreneurs want to enter the production phase and they will have their sights set on the regional trade fair, which will be held in Blois in the spring.

The goal of both companies is clear: they want to shine and hope to win their competition.

Convenient. The companies can be found on Instagram: @ epa.top.top and @sawash_eco, or by email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Melanie Pradalié