May 16, 2022

request an accelerated refund of your tax credits

In 2020 and 2021, the public authorities have taken the decision to accelerate the reimbursement of tax credits for companies that request them. Beyond this unprecedented context, the immediate release of the tax credit is possible in certain cases, in particular when the company is in difficulty.

Which institutions and tax credits are affected by this early repayment? How to make the request for restitution of debt? Explanations.

What tax credits are affected by the immediate repayment in 2021?

Is your company entitled to a tax credit on its corporate tax, refundable in 2021? This year again, like last year, you have the right to request immediate reimbursement, without waiting for the filing of the declaration of results.

This exceptional measure, linked to the Covid-19 health crisis, was put in place in 2020, and was then extended to 2021 (press release n ° 725 of March 02, 2021). It relates to all tax credits refundable in 2021, in particular those specific to certain sectors in difficulty, but not only.

For all companies, in 2021, the tax credits that can be returned immediately are:

  • the Research Tax Credit (CIR), for the part whose reimbursement is due in 2021;
  • the Innovation Tax Credit (CII), again for the part whose reimbursement is due this year;
  • the lessor tax credit;
  • the energy renovation tax credit for SMEs;
  • the tax credit for production expenses for cinematographic, audiovisual or phonographic works;
  • the tax credit for production expenses for foreign films and audiovisual works;
  • the tax credit in favor of companies producing live musical or variety shows;
  • the tax credit for video game creators.

Early refund of tax credits: and in normal times?

Outside the exceptional context of the Covid, it is also possible in certain specific cases to request an immediate refund of the company’s tax credits. Have access to the early refund of their tax credits:

  • Young innovative companies (JEI) : these are new companies that invest at least 15% of their tax deductible expenses in research and development.
  • SMEs in the community sense : ie companies with less than 250 employees, whose turnover does not exceed 50 million euros.
  • New businesses (under conditions).
  • Companies in difficulty : namely companies concerned by a safeguard, conciliation, reorganization or judicial liquidation procedure.

The tax credits eligible for immediate reimbursement are the Research Tax Credit (CIR), the tax credit for competitiveness and employment (CICE – which should disappear at the end of 2021), as well as the tax credits granted for certain investments made and operated in Corsica.

Request for accelerated tax credit refund: how to do it?

To request the immediate refund of a corporate tax credit, the procedure is the same, whether in an exceptional context or not.
You have to go to the company’s professional space on the site and go to the “ My services “. Then go to ” Declare Corporate Tax ”, then“ Submit a claim for reimbursement of debts ».

You must specify the type of tax credit for which you are requesting reimbursement, the year or year of origin of the claim, possibly the amount of the claim already charged, as well as the amount of the reimbursement you are requesting.

You will then need to send:
• Your request for reimbursement of tax credit (form n ° 2573-SD).
• Your supporting declaration for the tax credit (form n ° 2069-RCI-SD or specific declaration, unless it was sent earlier).
• Your declaration of results or, failing that, the statement of the company’s corporate income tax balance (form no. 2572-SD).

For the year 2021, you are not required to wait for the filing of the declaration of results, but in normal times, the request for an immediate refund of the tax credit is made:
• at the same time as the declaration of the balance of corporation tax;
• or on the opening date of the procedure for companies in difficulty.

The Business Tax Service (SIE) announces a processing time of only a few days to process business tax credit refund requests.

Attention : once the tax credit has been returned, the amounts may be subject to checks. You must therefore keep all the necessary documentation to be able to justify your request for early repayment to the administration services if necessary.

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