May 22, 2022

Reasons Why Every Business Is A Target Of DDoS Attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks make the headlines almost every day. 2021 saw a 434% upsurge in DDoS attacks, 5.5 times greater than 2020. Q3 2021 saw a 24% increase in the number of DDoS attacks compared to Q3 2020.

Typically targeted advanced DDoS attacks, known as smart attacks, increased by 31% over the same period. Further, 73% of DDoS attacks in Q3 2021 were multi-vector attacks that combined multiple techniques to attack targeted systems. The highest percentage of DDoS targets (40.8%) was in US banks, and financial institutions were the biggest targets of DDoS and DoS attacks over the past two years.

Does this mean that businesses and organizations that are not in the banking and financial services industry are safe from DDoS attacks? Certainly not ! Every business is a potential DDoS target. Read on to find out why and what steps to take to effectively protect your business.

Common DDoS targets

Even though every business can be targeted by attackers, certain industries and companies are more targeted. As mentioned earlier, banks and financial institutions were the top DDoS targets in 2021. Other commonly targeted industries are:

  • Educational institutions
  • Wired telecommunications operators
  • Online games and bets
  • wireless carriers
  • Health care
  • Governments and their agencies
  • ISP, hosting and related services
  • Distance Learning Companies
  • Tech companies, especially with the rise of telecommuting

It is also essential to note that SMBs are targeted by threat actors as much as large corporations and enterprises. It is a common misconception among SMBs that they will not be targeted and will take a lax approach towards DDoS attack mitigation. Attackers take advantage of this casual approach to orchestrate DDoS attacks against SMBs.

4 reasons why every business is a potential target

1 Nonchalant approach to DDoS prevention and security

Despite the advent of technology, many companies continue to use traditional tools such as legacy firewalls and outdated methods such as signature-based traffic monitoring to protect against DDoS attacks. Today’s attacks are more sophisticated than ever, and traditional security measures are not enough. Even attacks that last a few minutes cause significant financial and reputational damage.

It is also essential to note that SMBs are targeted by threat actors as much as large enterprises and corporations. While attacks on large enterprises tend to grab headlines, it’s a common misconception among SMBs that they won’t be targeted. Thus, they tend to take a lax approach to mitigating DDoS attacks. Attackers take advantage of this casual approach to orchestrate DDoS attacks against SMBs.

2 Growing attack surface

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the digitization of all kinds of organizations, including government, nonprofits, and SMEs. Additionally, the use of remote BYOT devices from shared (often unsecured) networks has exploded. As a result, every organization has an expanding attack surface and increased risk of DDoS threats. The problem is exacerbated when organizations do not understand the importance of DDoS protection and rely on generic solutions and default solutions provided by the host/ISP/cloud service provider.

3 DDoS attacks are easy and inexpensive to orchestrate

A large percentage of DDoS attacks in recent years have lasted less than 4 hours. Although the attacks lasted for a shorter period, their intensity, frequency and severity increased considerably. Today, sophisticated, multi-vector, and intelligent DDoS attacks are easier and more cost-effective to orchestrate than ever for the following reasons:

  • Technological advances
  • Easy availability of malicious tools and botnets
  • Availability of DDoS-as-a-service and hacking-as-a-service

Thus, attackers can launch attacks with almost no effort. Moreover, the financial benefits of DDoS attacks are high, making them lucrative for attackers.

4 Powerful tool for competitors and disgruntled employees

Websites that keep crashing or experience frequent downtime (often caused by DDoS attacks) or whose web pages are vandalized lose their search engine rankings and reputation. So, competitors and even disgruntled employees often use DDoS attacks as a tactic to erode your search engine rankings and cause significant damage to their reputation.

Importance de la protection DDoS

Before moving on to preventing these attacks, it is essential to understand the importance of DDoS protection.

1 Your website is always available

One of the most direct and immediate impacts of DDoS is that it overwhelms the website with excessive demands, erodes its resources, and renders it unavailable for legitimate traffic. Until the attack is stopped, any commercial engagement through the website would be unavailable. This damages the brand image and reputation of the company.

With effective DDoS protection, businesses can ensure that their website and digital assets are always available. These DDoS services include globally distributed content delivery networks (CDNs) that help boost website speed and performance without compromising security.

2 Keep Search Engine Rankings Erosion Away

DDoS attacks cause websites to crash, downtime and become unavailable to legitimate users. Websites that keep crashing or have frequent downtime lose their search engine rankings. Also, if website owners don’t have backups or don’t know how to stop the attack, they will eventually lose the list of internal links from the search engine. So, competitors often use DDoS as a tactic to divert traffic to their website and erode your search engine rankings. With smart DDoS protection, all of this can be avoided.

3 Protect your website against other types of attacks

DDoS attacks are used as smokescreens for other cyberattacks such as malware attacks, creation of backdoors, account takeover, extortion, removal of content and prizes, etc. With integrated end-to-end DDoS services, you can continuously monitor incoming traffic, securely identify vulnerabilities before attackers find them and fully protect your digital assets.

4 Eliminate opportunities for cyber vandalism and website defacing

DDoS attacks are exploited by competitors, enemy nation states, governments, hacktivists, and others for cyber vandalism and website defacement against businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. To avoid being targeted by such actors, DDoS protection is essential.

5 Save time, money and other resources

Last but not least, DDoS attacks like any other cause extraordinary financial and reputational damage. When websites are protected by managed and intuitive DDoS prevention services, huge amounts of time, money and effort are saved.

The best way to protect yourself against DDoS attacks is to take a proactive approach to security and integrate an intelligent, managed, and advanced DDoS protection service such as AppTrana. AppTrana Industry helps make sure you don’t become a DDoS target while helping you boost website performance and speed.