May 22, 2022

Raw. & Carrefour launches a joint venture dedicated to social commerce: Brut Shop

Raw. and the Carrefour group announce the creation of Brut Shop, a joint venture that aims to become the leader of the French social commerce market (live shopping).

A unique and responsible platform, Brut Shop will allow users to make online purchases by participating in video events broadcast live on social networks.

Majority-owned by Brut., Brut Shop will benefit from the expertise of its two founding partners:

  • Raw. is the first impact digital media in Europe with 70 million users. Raw. represents 39% of the media market on social networks in France and reaches 100% of the public aged 18-34.
  • Carrefour is the pioneer in the field of live shopping in France with nearly 50 live shopping achieved in 2021, and has accelerated sharply in e-commerce to reach more than 15 million unique monthly visitors in France on its online sales platforms.

Leader on live in Europe, Brut. has developed a unique relationship with the generation of 15-35 year olds around common values ​​of openness and the desire to be informed and entertained differently. With Brut Shop, which aims to welcome many partners, this Brut community. will benefit from a new live shopping experience with original formats allowing users to make informed choices.

In France, 60% of Carrefour customers declare an interest in live shopping and brands, particularly in the world of mass consumption, and testify to a growing interest in these sessions which allow the recruitment of younger customers, accelerate e-commerce conversion and improve customer differentiation and engagement for their products.

“We are delighted to launch Brut Shop in partnership with Carrefour, which is not only one of the leaders in distribution, but also a responsible brand with a strong societal and environmental commitment. Our ambition is to include all our developments in the values ​​of openness and social and environmental responsibility that underpin Brut’s identity. First digital media in Europe for new generations and leader in live, Brut aims with Brut Shop to create the reference platform for live shopping, a booming use elsewhere in the world. Brut Shop is an open service that aims to welcome a wide variety of brands around a unique experience made in Brut. »

Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder and CEO of Brut

” Raw. and Carrefour combine the best of social media and commerce to create the first community of live shoppers in Europe. By pooling our strengths as distributors and social media, we have the ambition to create the most powerful live shopping platform on the French market. This new, community-based shopping experience brings growth and values ​​to both our companies.”

Elodie Perthuisot, Executive Director E-Commerce, data, digital transformation of the Carrefour Group

The social commerce market is one of the strongest growth drivers for e-commerce worldwide. Combining consumers’ habits of using social networks and their desire to interact with brands, live shopping is experiencing very significant growth, supported by the massive use of these shopping solutions by millennials and Generation Z. According to Accenture, the social commerce market, estimated at approximately $492 billion, is expected to triple by 2025 ($1.2 trillion).

Live shopping is already widely developed in China where, in 2020, 65% of consumers ordered a product via this type of service. In the United States, live shopping platforms are accelerating and offering dozens of live shopping every day, and the major social networks are in the process of integrating features allowing consumers to buy in 1 click directly within their platforms.