May 23, 2022

Professional mobility: how to evolve internally

Forewarned is forearmed, the saying goes, and it holds true in the business world. When a position becomes available, the internal candidate has privileges not enjoyed by those who apply from outside. Imagine that you are in this case. Being from home, you can first find out more easily about the real characteristics of the position in question, the atmosphere of the service, the personality of the n+1 and those of your future colleagues. Famous assets to better present your candidacy. You can also hope to get a response faster since the employer already knows your qualities, which simplifies the selection process.

At equivalent value, you will also have a better chance of winning against an external rival, as companies tend to favor their talents to retain and motivate them. That’s not all: not being subject to a trial period, you will live your job in a more serene way. If it is a promotion on merit, you can even hope to benefit from the indulgence of those around you at first if you discover a new profession of which you do not master all the mysteries. And, in the worst case, if you fail in your new assignments, you will usually be offered a fallback position. A moderately pleasant situation, no doubt, but which is always better than going out the door.

Annual maintenance, essential

For all these reasons, managers often tend to consider that evolving in the same company requires less effort than finding a position in a new company. As a result, they prepare for their interviews with less rigor. “It’s a mistake, assures Nicole Degbo, consultant in management, transformation of organizations and leadership. If the rules of the game are different, internal mobility requires just as much preparation. You have to deal with the corporate culture, mobilizing networks, demonstrating tactical intelligence and a sense of timing.” Valid rules whether it is a question of vertical mobility (hierarchical evolution) or horizontal (change of job or service).

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The first stage of this preparation begins with a rigorous evaluation of your recent performance. Your request for development will be all the more taken into consideration if you have been able to achieve the objectives that you had previously been assigned. You must therefore prepare to prove it by putting forward facts and concrete results during the discussions that will relate to your internal mobility project.

Then, you must take the same lucid look at your skills and check that they correspond to the job you are applying for. During this second step, you can discuss this subject with your n+1 if you have a good relationship with him. You can do the same with the human resources department. These interlocutors who know your profile and your qualities can even offer you training to gain legitimacy or suggest avenues that you would not have spontaneously thought of. The skills transferable from one job to another are often broader than you might think.

Make oneself desired

To be desired, you have to be desirable. And if you have an enviable know-how, it is better to make it known via social networks and the intranet by updating your CV on LinkedIn, by posting contributions that value your expertise, your curiosity or your sense of the collective . All with a certain height of view suggesting your ability to meet other challenges, to succeed in other missions.

At the same time, you will need to think about expanding your network, for example by organizing yourself to get to know the colleagues from the department you hope to integrate. This is in order to be kept informed of organizational changes and vacant positions. It is also in this network that you will find allies who will be able, when the day comes, to support your request. In this perspective, your manager will play an essential role because he will be the first to be consulted when the head of your (possible) future department wants to get a clear idea of ​​your profile.

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Corollary: if you are in this case, it is in your interest to remain efficient in your current position and to maintain good relations with your n+1. And this until the last day…



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