July 7, 2022

Power Tech electricity company is born – Medialot

The team is made up of 3 people.

The Power Tech SARL was created on October 1, 2021. On the program: general electricity for individuals and professionals (new, renovation, repair, connected home, charging station, etc.) but also industrial maintenance.

At its origin, a meeting on the benches of the Gaston Monnerville high school between Guilhem Blanc and Tom Joseph, then high school students in the Industrial Sciences and Technologies sector in Electrical Engineering.

“After eight years spent in industry, in sectors such as the maintenance of machines for aeronautics, the chemical industry, and cryogenics, both on French soil and internationally, I have for family reasons decided to come back to my native lotoise. The association with Tom Joseph was found, allowing me to benefit from his experience in business management and his solid local presence! »Specifies Guilhem Blanc.

“We had already been talking about a possible association for a few years, but it was not the right time. Today it is! So we went for it, taking advantage of the complementarity of our two profiles! »Adds Tom Joseph.

The team also includes a man on the ground, Laurent Weber, whose solid experience as an electrician will complement the professionalism and responsiveness of the company. “Coming from demanding professional backgrounds, in which rigor is the key word, I am determined to maintain this state of mind while putting it at the service of our future customers! Do not hesitate to contact you directly by email or phone, we will support you in all of your projects! »He announces.

> [email protected] or on 05 31 51 08 94