July 7, 2022

Poisoning in the Saint-Agathon canteen: contaminated sausage, a local business closed – Guingamp


, mother of a 9-year-old girl, educated at the school of Saint-Agathon, tells about “the week of hell” that she lived after the food poisoning of which her daughter was victim, in the canteen. “The first symptoms started on Monday, November 29. On Friday, December 2, she had a fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. I had never seen my daughter like this. We went to the pediatric emergency room in Saint-Brieuc, where they had already received children from school. They took a stool sample and we went home ”.

On Saturday morning, the hospital confirms to the mother that her daughter is a victim of salmonellosis. Like other school friends. “During the night, my daughter’s condition had worsened, she had bloody diarrhea and excruciating pain.” Returning to the hospital, the girl was placed on an IV. She left on Wednesday, with a panicked fear of going back to the canteen. “She understood that she had been served something that had made her very sick”, relates her mother who will have to organize herself to make her eat outside.

A closed local business

The analyzes, carried out by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), in conjunction with the town hall, noted the presence of salmonella in a pair of sausages, produced by a local company and served on November 25 to children.

“The results are partial because other products are being analyzed but for the time being, two sausages are concerned. The producing company, which delivers school restaurants but also supermarkets, was closed by prefectural decision on Tuesday, December 6, ”explains Anne-Marie Pasquiet, the mayor of Saint-Agathon who indicates that around forty children were affected and six of them hospitalized. “Fortunately, today everyone is doing better. The children have returned home and they are almost all back to school, ”continues the elected official who suggests that other school restaurants in the department would have been affected by this intoxication.

Legal action?

Angry, at least two couples of parents do not intend to stop there. “Seeing your child suffer like that for nearly two weeks, without being able to do anything to relieve his pain, it’s excruciating,” says the mother of a middle school student. He lost more than a kilo in the event: “At 4 and a half, that’s a lot! “.

“The company was closed, in particular, for lack of sanitary hygiene. In 2021, in France, when we deliver school canteens, this is not conceivable! “, Considers another mother who plans to create a collective to launch a group procedure against the company whose name is not yet known. “So that justice be done”.

Angry parents plan to take legal action against the company concerned.

Angry parents plan to take legal action against the company concerned.

Angry parents plan to take legal action against the company concerned.