January 18, 2022

Peter Molyneux’s next game, Legacy, is a “blockchain-based business simulation”.

Image : 22cans

Update : Peter Molyneux and 22cans announced that Legacythe game that was revealed in 2019 will use blockchain technology – a fact that almost certainly rules out any Switch release, as previously planned.

Here are some excerpts from the Gala Games blog post:

Legacy is a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true, an opportunity for gamers to build their own businesses, designing their own products from a wide range of possibilities, while creating a business empire unlike any other in the world. never seen !

Legacy is a game that takes advantage of player ownership, play to win, loan to win, highly functional NFTs, and a truly unique community economy… and that’s just the start.

Legacy is here to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming beyond your wildest dreams.

The creative genius of Peter Molyneux, creator of the game of god game (among many others), as well as 22cans are now teaming up with the expertise of Eric Schiermeyer and Gala games to place Legacy at the frontier of blockchain gaming.

Original story [Mon 11th Feb, 2019 12:15 GMT]: A few days ago, we posted an interview with Peter Molyneux regarding his upcoming game, Legacy, and his desire to bring it to Switch, a console he loves madly. Today we are able to present to you the first screenshots of the game, which Molyneux himself says is an intentional return to his very first video game, The Entrepreneurwhich only sold two copies (one of which was allegedly bought by his mother).

In Legacy, you run a business and you can build almost whatever. Inspired by Molyneux’s father, who spent hours in his workshop creating all manner of things, the game puts you in the role of an inventor and handyman who starts by making unique products in his garage and selling them. to the public ; make enough successful items and you will grow beyond your humble origins and transform your business into a global mega-corporation, an evolution that comes with added pressures – like building factories and hiring staff. You will then be faced with issues such as mentoring your growing staff and balancing profitability with moral and ethical concerns.

Although the platforms have not been officially announced, it is believed that Legacy will arrive on PC and smart devices first. Molyneux’s affinity for the Switch means Nintendo gamers might have the chance to play it in the future as well.

Red Bull Gaming has kicked off an in-depth review of Legacy as part of its excellent Levels short documentary series, six films that each take a look at a different software house and its approach to making games. We’ve included a link below, but beware, it does contain a few swear words. Let us know what you think of the game so far, and if you’d like to try it out on Switch.