January 25, 2022

Perros-Guirec. He works by going around the world

Living in Ploumanac’h, Gwenaël Le Guillouzer is a “digital nomad”: he works where he wants, when he wants. © Jérémy Nédélec

The Canary Islands, Morocco, soon Argentina, for three or four months. The soft voice, Gwenaël shines the destinations stamped on his passport, those which will soon be stamped. Between a diving, kayaking or parasailing session, hours away from its cocoon on the Pink Granite Coast, he manages his insurance brokerage firm, created in 2007, two to three hours a day, after having worked as a sales representative with his insurer from 2000 to 2006, Mr. Roisné, who taught him everything about the trade. “Often people say to me ‘are you still on vacation? “, But it’s not being on vacation, it’s a way of life.”

Convenient and efficient

Born with the spina bifida, a congenital disease, Gwenaël Le Guillouzer spent thanks to his parents, Eliane and Gérard, a traditional schooling. “They came across open-minded instits. The integration happened naturally ”. After elementary school and college in Pleumeur-Bodou, a period when he discovered wheelchair basketball at CTH Lannion – “full of beautiful memories” – he passed a BEP and a Bac pro accounting at Bossuet, Felix-Le Dantec not being accessible at the time.

With his insurer and mentor, he had the idea of ​​developing a business strategy adapted to its lack of mobility : “To avoid having to visit companies to insure buildings, for example, I approached new companies by telephone throughout France. We subscribed to Official newspaper, which traced all the creations department by department. We were targeting businesses. It worked really well, in Lille, Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse… ”

“It’s not being on vacation, it’s a way of life”

Gwenaël Le Guillouzer

A digital shift

The success of this parade to his handicap prompted him to start a business in January 2007, his office nestled at Lannion airport. Specialized in professional civil liability, the broker is mandated by his clients to find the best solution from a host of companies (Axa, Gan, Générali, Allianz, etc.). After the first years at the end of the months complicated, it counts today Around 4000 customers, enough to run the cabinet very calmly. Seven-eight years ago, the Trégorrois decided to leave its premises and transform its activity into 100% digital. For 4-5 years, paper has disappeared and many tasks are automated by software, such as document archiving.

Gwenaël takes care of the rest, videoconferences, claims management, emails. “It allows me to be able to work where I want, and for a few years now, I can work when I want. I have become what is called nomade digital“, He explains.

In short: as long as you have a digital job, a laptop and a good connection, it is possible to work from just about anywhere in the world. Le Trégorrois has documented a lot of information on the concept through exchanges on the communities of the Instagram network, in order to optimize its activity and save time. “Psychologically, the fact of having transformed my business, i’m living the best of my life now« .

Gwenaël Le Guillouzer
Gwenaël Le Guillouzer, here in Tenerife, in the Canaries. © Gwenaël Le Guillouzer

A Covid-19 effect

A trip in particular, to Guadeloupe, in December 2020, encouraged him to invest fully in this path. “I said to myself” You are fine, there is nothing waiting for you at home, why not stay longer? ” The Covid-19 played a role too, being stuck at home, not being able to live your life freely, and fed up with not seeing anyone, interacting with anyone, and not just me! I educated my clients on how to work. “

When he lands on a beach to work, Gwenaël Le Guillouzer often arouses curiosity, even admiration: “People come to me and ask me what I’m doing. They tell me: “I would dream of doing that” “.

“For example, in Canada, in Norway, they are ahead of digital nomadism. In the Canaries, I met Americans, Italians, Japanese, Dutch, who are like me, with their PC. France is behind on this. There is a train to take, ”continues the Perrosien.

“I’m living the best of my life now”

Gwenaël Le Guillouzer

Experience sharing

At a time when the reduction of working time, as the topic of the four-day week emerges into public debate, the broker is reinvesting his hourglass seed booty in his dream. Go around the world : “OK, I am in a wheelchair, but my handicap does not limit me in what I can do in my life”.

His work modulated so that he is at the service of his life, and not the other way around, the 40-year-old aspires to share his experience during interventions and conferences. It is in any case a new professional axis that he wants to explore.

From business leaders, for example. “The idea is to share my experience with business leaders who are somewhere trapped in the way they work and the mechanisms they have put in place to manage their business. This is unfortunate, because they are sort of tied hand and foot in their business, and their life revolves only around their business. Suddenly, they don’t necessarily have a lot of free time to reap the fruits of their labor ”.

“My handicap does not limit me in what I can do in my life”

Gwenaël Le Guillouzer

This organization of work seems difficult to conceive, even impossible, in certain professions. Nevertheless, the broker “remains convinced that it is within the reach of many people, who ignore it. Lots of professional activities can be optimized, it is less aimed at industrial activities, construction, or a mason, a baker, a butcher, for example. Corn accountants, lawyers, yoga, dance and bodybuilding teachers, etc., it is possible! ”

Gwenaël Le Guillouzer also wants to address schools, associations, to raise awareness of their possibilities in the professional field, among others, young people with disabilities who could put up barriers. Transmission as a new horizon.

Contact instagram : gwenaelleguillouzer

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