May 24, 2022

PARIS: Upfeel rehabilitates emotions in business

Upfeel, the first platform for emotional development in business!

Upfeel rehabilitates emotions in business

Emotions, energy, neuroscience, and entertainment! The pandemic has had lasting impacts on the organization of work and has exacerbated transformational aspects of organizations already underway. The generalization of telework has upset the relationship between employees and the company, leading to a loss of bearings and an erosion of the feeling of belonging. In this unprecedented context, there was a strong desire on the part of French companies to give employees a voice, to hear their concerns, fears and doubts. Faced with the urgency of the health crisis, emotions have finally entered the business world. It has been proven that the most successful teams are not those that accumulate higher than normal IQs, but those whose emotional qualities are developed. Upfeel is a unique and accessible training program designed by experts to develop the emotional intelligence of teams and individuals within organizations and thus improve, together, well-being and performance.

A short presentation video of Upfeel:

The founders :

Jonathan Ferrebeuf: A graduate of Essec, Jonathan is a successful entrepreneur in the field of new technologies. He created his first mobile marketing company, Adincube, which he sold two years ago for $20 million to Ogury. His goal with Upfeel: to use new technologies to put people back at the center of organizations and to make the link between employee well-being and business performance.

Emilie Baus Alaoui: A graduate of Edhec, Emilie worked for 20 years in major companies in the world of media and entertainment, notably at Warner Bros and TF1, as an employee and manager. Passionate about emotional intelligence and convinced that it can be approached in a different way, Emilie makes sure to create educational programs that generate use and anchoring, thanks to an “Entertainment” dimension.

Santiago Herrera Quesada: A graduate of the National School of Arts in Cuba, Santiago is a professional dancer and producer, has produced numerous shows and danced on stages all over the world. He is the guarantor of the “experiences” part of the program.

The whole program is co-constructed by Emilie, Santiago + a scientific committee composed of:

– Bernard Anselem: Bernard Anselem is a doctor, expert in neuroscience and neuropsychology, author of numerous books on the subject of emotions in business. He is the expert and the scientific guarantee of all the bricks of the program.

– Coralie Robin: A great professional in the human resources sector with more than 15 years spent in the HR department of the Boston Consulting Group, Coralie is in charge of the training and skills development part.

Why are emotions essential in business?

It is scientifically proven that our emotions direct us, guide our actions and that it is futile to want to deny this biological reality and leave them at the door of companies. It is also proven that the most successful teams are not the ones that collect the most high IQs (sometimes they find it difficult to work together) but are those that have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Population groups with a high level of emotional intelligence:

– Have better decision-making in a complex and uncertain environment
– Have a better relational quality and a better resistance to stress
– Have better physical health: fewer chronic stress problems, less inflammation, …
– Are more committed and more efficient

Moreover, it has been shown that the development of emotional intelligence can divide the number of burnouts by 3, reduce turnover and absenteeism significantly. Finally, on a personal and psychological level, these populations show more resilience and a higher ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions. At a time when the world of work is being reorganized, when hybrid work is becoming the norm, when new generations are pushing HR to question their managerial policies, it is essential to recreate the link and give as many concrete keys as possible. to the teams to continue to be efficient and committed in this difficult and uncertain context. It should be noted that 76% of employees consider that their company has a role to play in their physical, mental and emotional well-being (Diffusis barometer for Upfeel 2021).

Some figures on UPFEEL:

Upfeel creation date: January 2021
Date of merger with Telmee, well-being at home: November 2021
Number of customers: more than 30 companies trust Upfeel, large groups, SMEs, Start-Ups, in all sectors of activity. Among Upfeel’s clients: Google, Mattel, Crédit Agricole, Green Panda (Ubisoft subsidiary), Faurecia, etc.
Current Upfeel team: 20 people

Upfeel reinvents individual and collective training and develops the emotional intelligence of employees in an experiential and playful way to promote use and anchoring! Entertainment, a highly developed concept in the United States, is a key element in the Upfeel approach (which means “to feel better”). Upfeel, thanks to an international team of coaches and certified experts, offers impactful and engaging formulas and content to develop the emotional intelligence of employees in companies. The Upfeel programs are aimed at employees and managers, to act positively on all the driving forces of the company. To feel good in your body is to feel good in your head. Through a series of varied and interactive modules that combine self-connection and entertainment, employees have a space for expression that allows them to have fun while learning about themselves, to cultivate their well-being while identifying the source of their blockages, to activate all parts of the brain to increase their potential and emotional intelligence and to function better, individually and as a team.

Upfeel, a real training course in 3 complementary bricks to promote use and anchoring throughout the year:

Each participant completes an “emotional assessment” developed by Upfeel’s scientific committee, allowing everyone to position themselves, confidentially, on where they stand on this subject.

Experiential and playful training in groups to have clicks together and recreate the link.
Employees live a singular experience together, face-to-face or remotely, led by experts, a learning team building or fun training, a matter of point of view!
Emotional intelligence is approached in a practical way through a program of physical and mental activities, tailor-made to respond to the problems of companies / teams. The method is very precise, and was co-constructed by HR experts, neuroscientists, and experts from each discipline.
Head, heart, body, everything works to create a link, reboost the teams by reconnecting them to their emotions and those of others, and give them clicks.

Continue learning independently and playfully! It is an e-learning platform accessible at any time, on which employees will continue to develop their emotional intelligence! How? ‘Or’ What ? By living learning physical, mental and emotional experiences through series formats shot around the world. The platform is interactive and allows you to measure your progress. Entertainment that liberates and allows you to practice, on a daily basis, the only key for learning to become permanent and automatic. A la carte individual support thanks to a team of coaches and certified experts, to dig deeper and understand what is at stake behind their emotions.

Several formulas are proposed:

– A program dedicated to all employees in the form of support sessions specific to their profile.
– A program specially dedicated to managers to concretely put emotional intelligence into practice within their teams.

The sessions are conducted confidentially by psychologists and coaches specializing in emotional intelligence. Upfeel is a one-of-a-kind personal development platform because it is aimed at the business world, by acting on individual and collective emotion to improve human relationships and, by extension, business performance. Upfeel responds to strong expectations from employees on the subject of individual and collective well-being: 76% of employees consider that their company has a role to play in their physical, mental and emotional well-being (barometer produced by Diffusis France in June 2021).

A propos d’Upfeel :

Upfeel is the first emotional development platform for employees. Upfeel trains company employees in a fun and experiential way in emotional intelligence, to encourage use and anchoring. Designed with experts in neuroscience, the method allows employees to learn about themselves and others, while doing themselves good: learning, emotions, experiences and entertainment!