January 25, 2022

PARIS: Rocket School launches its miraculous corporate training!

The great digital school with its Montessori-inspired teaching has trained more than 1,500 happy students who have joined as many happy partner companies.

His training of a new kind is now being installed directly in companies to boost their talents.

Rocket School, the great digital school, free and paid which trains in sales and high tech marketing, announces on the occasion of its third anniversary, that it will continue its development with the opening of a dedicated online program to companies to train teams in cutting-edge digital tools and a master’s program in the regions. The school, already present in 6 cities in France, will also set up on two new campuses in Strasbourg and Montpellier.

Since its creation in 2018, the school has been able to develop and integrate into a France where often only the number and the prestige of the diplomas obtained by the students count … This is what Cyril Pierre de Geyer, the founder of Rocket School, wanted to transform, by giving new life to the commercial sector with a 3.0 education. Faced with the success of its recruitment methods based solely on soft skills and Montessori-inspired teaching, the school has grown throughout the French metropolis with 6 campuses in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Nantes and Bordeaux. It is now preparing to open in Strasbourg and Montpellier!

3 years and the creation of 3 sectors

In 3 years, Rocket School has opened 3 courses. Students aged 20 to 55 can choose to take training as a growth hacker, business developer or customer success manager. So many informed terms which designate the new professions of marketing, sales and customer relations “ startup way ”. The panel of program choices allows everyone to find what suits them with 3 menus available which are the programs: Fighter, Bachelor and Master.

A new online training for professionals

The Rocket School training was until now only available to retraining people. In order to meet the demands of companies, Rocket School has developed a training offer dedicated to current salespeople. Available online, this training adapted to the pace of professionals, is done part-time for a month and prepares for a skills block of the RNCP title “Sales and marketing manager, specialized in digital acquisition “. Rocket School plans to train several thousand current salespeople in new digital techniques over the next few years.

2000 partnerships and 94% return to work

Since its creation, Rocket School has enabled more than 1,500 job seekers to obtain a promise of employment, 35% of whom have the baccalaureate and less, and 42% are considered priority public. The digital sector is only 30% female, at Rocket School 47% of recruits are female. The school has more than 2,000 partnerships (startups, digital service companies or SMEs) and a 94% return to work! The school has another major asset, its access is free since it is supported and financed by Pôle Emploi and the Skills Operators.

Train the right person for the right job

Rocket School exposes its differences in recruitment, education and training with the objective of making the link between talents and recruiters by identifying high-potential profiles that it will train in digital acquisition techniques (commercial / marketing ) and then place in alternation. In addition, an anti-unemployment algorithm has been set up by the school which allows people to be put in the right place by quickly making them operational, allowing them to master the profession and teaching them to develop independently.

« Rocket School is a school of a new kind, connected to the needs of businesses. Its recruitment method and intensive training make it a real economic accelerator for the regions in which it is established ”. Cyril Pierre de Geyer, founder of Rocket School.

About Rocket School

Rocket School was co-founded by Cyril Pierre de Geyer, affiliate professor at HEC Paris, former deputy general manager of Epitech, creator and director of the Executive MBAs of the IONIS group, entrepreneur and business angel. Accompanied by Jérémy Diavet, he surrounded himself with a team of innovative educational experts. Rocket School prepares Bac + 3 and Bac + 5 diplomas and has received the Grande École du Numérique label from the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

Rocket School website link: https://rocket-school.com/