July 1, 2022

Paris: a social and solidarity enterprise revives raw milk Camembert in the capital



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M.Lay, O.Sengul, S.Fichet, F.Capron

France 2

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Pierre Coulon, artisan-cheese maker, is the defender of know-how. To revive the production of raw milk Camembert in Paris, it relies on product excellence and fair remuneration for breeders.

Four years ago, Pierre Coulon relaunched the production of cheese in the city in Paris. The dairy of Paris is a social and solidarity enterprise, where everything is produced with raw milk. His next challenge? Revive a Camembert de Normandie. “It is all the more important for us that a year ago now, the Camembert cheese was almost pasteurized”, explains the artisan-cheese maker.

In the heart of the Pays d’Auge, a large industrial group reigns over the village of Camembert: Lactalis, king of pasteurized cheese, displays its brands. It is in this symbolic village that Pierre Coulon decided to buy a farm, a former cheese factory. “It’s been twenty years since the cheese factory stopped operating. The peculiarity is that here we made one of the best camemberts in Normandy “, says the craftsman, who hopes to relaunch production in the “seven or eight” next months. For his Camembert AOP, Pierre Coulon, in search of an organic milk of local breed, and has set his sights on Vincent’s herd of cows Beauruelle. The the will pay 70 cents per liter of milk, compared to 45 cents on average.