May 22, 2022

Ottawa grants nearly $1 million in aid to a green business in Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke OEM, a company specializing in custom-made recycling equipment, is receiving financial assistance of $950,000 from Ottawa to enable it to pursue its growth. It was the Minister of Sports and Minister responsible for Canada Economic Development Pascale Saint-Onge who made the announcement on Monday.

The Boulevard Industriel company wanted to acquire an automated laser cutting system for recycling. Due to the labor shortage, the possibilities of expanding the business were limited according to entrepreneur Jérémy Ouellet.

We are evaluating replacing five to seven people who will go and do other tasks to carry out this growth, he believes. This type of system will open the door to new markets, particularly in the field of building construction.

Jérémy Ouellet explains that the company will also be able to save money by reducing its losses during steel processing, and on the type of steel used.

Sherbrooke OEM Sherbrooke has finalized the installation of the machine. Training for the use of this new machine has also been completed.

Support green businesses

Nearly $40 million will also be announced in February to support 20 green economy business and organization projects.

We are determined to support them so that they can prosper. We want them to position themselves in this green economic transition. These are projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact, mentioned Minister Pascale Saint-Onge, who also stressed that it was an important economic engine.

« SMEs like Sherbrooke OEM are the engine of innovation, sustainable development and job creation. »

A quote from Pascale Saint-Onge, Minister of Sports and Minister responsible for Canada Economic Development

Pascale St-Onge

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Coulombe

The Mayor of Sherbrooke, Évelyne Beaudin, also welcomed the assistance granted to Sherbrooke OEM

We have seen that protecting the environment is at the top of Sherbrooke residents’ list of priorities. It must also be imposed on our regional economy. It takes action and that’s what Sherbrooke OEM does, she points out.