May 22, 2022

Online banking solutions for your business

Banks are at the center of financial management. Opening a pro account dedicated to your business allows you to better organize your finances.

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At the same time as businesses, banks have moved towards digitalization. This therefore results in the creation of a new form of banking: online banking. The latter aims to meet the needs and new requirements of customers; whether individuals or businesses. We give you some solutions offered by online banks for your business.

A professional account that can be managed remotely

When you are entrepreneur Where worker independent, your finances require rigorous and strict monitoring. Online banks therefore offer to help you manage them. To do this, opening a pro account in an online bank is the first step to take. In addition to being specially dedicated to professionals, this account offers you significant advantages.

Remote bank account management

Your professional account is directly linked to a application mobile which gives you full control over it. In other words, whatever the operations to be carried out, you will not need to move. In just a few clicks, you can perform various actions related to your finances.

Speed ​​and accessibility with the banking application

This remote management of your account is made possible through an application that allows you to save time. In a traditional bank, banking transactions can take longer. With a professional online bank, you will no longer have this inconvenience, you can follow your pro account in real time. If you are often on the move, you will no longer have to queue and wait at a physical bank. This time saved can be devoted entirely to your activity.

Besides the speed, theaccessibility is another aspect that you will have to experience with this solution of online bank. The mobile application is on your smartphone which is most of the time in your possession. This means that you can consult your finances at any time. Moreover, it grants you a certain mobility. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your business bank account.

A powerful invoicing tool thanks to online banking

The main objective of online banks is to support you even in the management of your activity in order to make your life easier. In this sense, many online banks offer you solutions that can be used directly in your billing system. One of the most effective is obviously thedigital invoicing tool. Banks being experts in finance, their invoicing tools are quite comprehensive. These take into account several aspects of the process.

Management of your customer, product and service database

With an online banking billing tool, organizing your customer database becomes easy. You have the option of creating customer records that will allow you to identify regular customers. In addition to information related to your customers, you are also able to structure the information about your products and services.

Creation and customization of quotes and invoices

By helping you with this online banking invoicing tool, the creating your quotes is done in seconds. You save time and show professionalism towards your customers; which is to your advantage. Of course, when necessary, your quotes can be changed in bills with the same ease.

You have access to options for personalization interesting for your bills. Logo, colors and payment conditions are fully modifiable at your convenience. It goes without saying that the invoices issued through this tool are perfectly compliant with the laws and include all the mandatory information. The invoices and quotes you create are available in suitable formats to be sent directly by email to your customers.

You have access to this quote and invoice tool via your pro account. You will be able follow up easily with your customers and be more easily up-to-date at the account level.

Data summary

So that you can make the best decisions, your invoicing tool gives you a synthesis from data. It is based on all the invoices and quotes produced in a specific period to help you anticipate your cash flow needs. Credit notes and even VAT, if you are subject to it, are calculated automatically. You therefore have all the tools at your disposal for well-oriented decision-making.

A simple collection solution with your pro account

Opening a business account in an online bank is one of the best things you can do for your business. We recommend that you take the plunge, because that way you will benefit from a number of facilities. The possibility of using a effective collection solution is part of.

With a professional account, you transform your smartphone into a mobile payment terminal. This is possible thanks to an application that allows you tocollect the checks of your customers in a few moments. To do this, you need to scan them with your mobile phone. Besides being incredibly fast, this feature allows you to cash checks even while on the go. So you don’t miss any business opportunity.

The tool also allows you to make collections in several installments for a single customer. It may happen that the payment terms defined for some of your customers allow them to spread out their payments. This is a parameter that your collection solution takes into account to give you more flexibility.

Moreover, like any good collection solution, the one made available with your professional account performs a reporting. Like invoices and estimates, receipts require regular monitoring. With your collection solution, you have a Sales Analysis and a detailed report. The information needed to do your follow-up is therefore at your fingertips.

Always with a view to assisting you as best as possible, online banking offers you preferential rates on your banking transactions. All this is accompanied by a responsive customer service and devoted whose only mission is to satisfy you. It shows that the solutions offered by online banks for professionals are multiple and particularly useful. They help you in the crucial areas of your business.

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