July 7, 2022

Near Perpignan. A company creates a canteen for its employees with meals at 50 cents

“La Cantoche” welcomes more than 70 employees of the Cmultiserv company every day at the Soler. (© Emilien Vicens / News Perpignan)

This is a first in the department of Eastern Pyrenees. A canteen created by a business for his employees, which benefit from healthy, homemade dishes… And at prices that defy all competition. At Soler, near Perpignan, 80 employees have the opportunity to eat every day for only fifty euro cents.

Daily specials at 50 cents

Established for twelve years and specializing in multitechnical maintenance on all construction trades, Cmultiserv has made well-being at work one of its struggles. Games room, relaxation areas… On a daily basis, the 80 employees of this Catalan company enjoy unusual comfort.

A few months ago, their boss, Cyril Marcer, went even further. This entrepreneur, eager to improve comfort at work, purchasing power as well as cohesion between his employees, decided to offer them, every noon, a balanced and inexpensive meal. Not by setting up traditional meal vouchers, but by creating, from A to Z, a independent canteen.

Located in downtown Soler, a few hundred meters from the company’s premises, “La Cantoche” offers holy dishes, seasonal and cooked by a chef from local products. Open to all, the establishment has signed a partnership with the company Cmultiserv.

A full-time hired chef

Thanks to the latter, the company’s employees benefit from a credit from six euros per day, Monday to Friday, offered by their employer. On site, they can choose a dish of the day for € 6.50, which ultimately costs them only fifty cents. From salads, from soups, from wraps, dishes from pasta or even desserts are also offered to them.

Of stoves, Jérôme, the chef, hired full time, and Clemency, versatile waitress, constantly innovating and regularly collecting suggestions from employees to vary their offer: chicken curry, mashed potatoes, pumpkin, chicken breast and pan-fried vegetables, enchiladas, pasta with peppers, tartiflette …

On the employee side, this new idea in the Pyrénées-Orientales is a real godsend. 90% of them have already opted for this new mode of catering, to such an extent that the company’s sandwich distributor is hardly supplied. “Before, the meal budget was around € 120 per month. Today it is only Around € 20. And then we eat better, especially ”, testifies Tatiana Loffredo, director of human resources.

Jérôme the chef, a former pizza maker, is thriving in this new profession.
Jérôme the chef, a former pizza maker, is thriving in this new profession. (© Emilien Vicens / News Perpignan)

An initiative rewarded with the “Award for well-being at work”

Proud of this project, launched in March 2021 and funded to the tune of € 7,000 per month, the company Cmultiserv was recently awarded the“Award for well-being at work”, awarded by the HR solutions publisher Lucca.

But Cyril Marcer does not intend to stop there. In the coming years, it plans to extend its offer to neighboring businesses and to make “La Cantoche” a real canteen for all workers in the Soler and the surrounding areas.

For now, the IDEM students, the school of creative trades, come to eat there every noon and also benefit from a reduction. “It’s a nice project”, concludes Tatiana Loffredo, member of a young, innovative company, which could change the lines within the world of work.

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