January 23, 2022

NATIONAL EDUCATION: “In what other company are employees treated in this way?”, Are indignant the teachers’ unions in Dijon

Before the big event announced, a general assembly was held at the Labor Exchange this Thursday, January 13 in the middle of the morning.

Before an event whose starting point is announced in front of the rectorate of Dijon at the beginning of the afternoon this Thursday, January 13, 2022, it is at the Labor Exchange rue du Transvaal in Dijon that a general assembly was held.

Big indignation expressed from the first speeches, “the total absence” of communication relating to the health protocol in schools. “A contemptuous and insulting policy”, according to union representatives and teachers who were in their number twenty to have met in general assembly.

“Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, we should just take him by the hand and take him to a school so that he can see where we are. And when we hear the lies about the fact that the priority would be to replace all those absent, it is proof that they are not serene, ”we heard in the discussions in which Virginie Alvarez participated in particular, departmental secretary of Snudi-FO 21, as well as Christine Bernery and Bénédicte Foulet, departmental co-secretaries of SNUipp-FSU 21.

A “big fed up” is expressed by the teachers and their union representatives, “but not only: the parents of the pupils, the heads of establishments, the inspectors. At least half of the inspectors from across the department have sent an email calling for a strike, ”noted Christine Bernery. By adding in particular: “I believe that we all recognize the need to continue the balance of power that we are building today, because we record 73% of strikers compared to the census that we have. It’s a huge mobilization ”.

During the general assembly, the question of starting a renewable strike came up several times, to “transform the trial” and “defend the public service”. While calling to participate in the strike day of January 27 without forgetting the mobilization announced for the AESH that same January 27.

Violette Richard-Andrieu: “We are reaching a point of no return”

Co-secretary of the CGT Educ’action 21

Why this general assembly?

“The purpose of this GA is to ensure that staff can come together (respecting barrier gestures) to talk about working conditions and in particular working conditions which have deteriorated over the past two years. They were not already brilliant at the start but with the health crisis we realize that there are not enough teachers and staff in National Education. We lack the means. Human resources, financial resources, material resources: we lack everything. We are coming to a point of no return, at a time when the teachers are breaking down. They crack because they are despised by the minister, they are despised by the government, they are made aware of the various health protocols by BFM TV. I think we are reaching a point where teachers are fed up, at a point where national education staff are fed up with doing their job in such conditions. “

What are the major areas of demand for this strike day of January 13?

“Today we are mainly focusing our event around the health protocol, around working conditions, which is carried out in complete insecurity. Class sizes are still just as big. We are on average 28 students per class. We still do not have CO2 sensors, there are rooms where we cannot open the windows to ventilate. The teachers do not have FFP2 masks, the students contaminate each other. It is an accumulation which means that today this strike is mainly followed.
The general assembly must allow all the personnel of the National Education to be able to express themselves on their working conditions. We will see what follow-up to this day while waiting for January 27. There is an inter-union call to demonstrate for the increase in wages. We will be discussing all of these topics today at the General Assembly. ”

This strike should be well attended. What are your expectations on this?

“According to figures from colleagues from other unions, out of the 150 schools in the department, there are 80 establishments that were declared closed today. We are talking about more than 500 colleagues on strike in the first degree so we hope for a large turnout. So even if it’s cold and it’s complicated to park in Dijon, I’m sure that the determined colleagues will come and demonstrate with us. ”

Alix Berthier and Manon Bollery