July 4, 2022

Morbihan: a worker amputated after an accident on a construction site, the company relaxed

The court of Vannes (Morbihan) was interested in a work accident which had caused the amputation of a worker in 2018. © Actu Morbihan

Thursday, December 9, 2021, the Criminal Court from Vannes (Morbihan) leaned over a work accident occurred on February 23, 2018. Present on the construction site of a building rue du Vincin in Vannes that day, a worker was seriously affected after the fall of a branch weighing several hundred kilos.

When help arrived at the scene, the young man, aged 39 at the time, was seriously injured. “His right foot was severed and he suffered from fractures in his left leg”, it is stated in the report inserted in the procedure. He had finally had both lower limbs amputated.

“The accident could have been avoided”

Present at the hearing, the worker had, during his hearing for the needs of the investigation, to have “felt, that day, a relaxation in the level of security. “Three years after the incident, the one who was able to return to work does not hide that” the accident could have been avoided “.

For the representative of the company in question, the fall of the panel is linked to “human error” during the phase of removal of the piece weighing several hundred kilos. An error possibly linked to “the jerky intervention which took place at the end of the morning then at the beginning of the afternoon. “

The relaxed company

As Magali Pauthier, public prosecutor, underlines it, “the life of the worker changed that day”. It therefore requires a fine “commensurate with the fault committed”, namely € 10,000 for unintentional injuries and € 1,000 per victim for the failure to provide work clothes to preserve safety. .

After having deliberated, the court announced the release for lack of elements to characterize the offenses.

A shuttering is a formwork element mainly used to form concrete walls.

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