May 12, 2022

Millau. The Wish One company receives the keys to paradise!

Lhe Cazalous area at the foot of the viaduct will soon welcome the company Wish One, manufacturer of high-end gravel bikes. The two contractors Maxim Fish and Francois-Xavier Blanc received this Wednesday, January 26, 2022 the keys to the building, property of the Community of communes Millau Grands Causses.

A global territorial project

A few months ago, the community of municipalities granted the company Wish One a derogatory rental lease with promise of sale over a period of 36 months for the building of 300 m2 and 5,000 m2 of land (out of the 23,536 m2 plot located on the Cazalous site in Creissels).

Wish One then displayed its intention to locally develop a local economic sector around Gravel “with a sports performance positioning of its brand”.

The economic project of the two Aveyronnais quickly became part of a global territorial project to make Millau the capital of Gravel, supported by the Parc des grands causses and the Community of communes. It has since grown and brought together many players, including some associations, around an even stronger ambition. Ideally located, 3 km from the Larzac plateau by a path, and close to the green track of the Viaduct, the place could very quickly become a cycling paradise whether it is mountain biking, racing or cyclocross.

From Les Cazalous, a DH enduro track will start, developed in connection with the TUBE already hard at work laying out the paths. It will also host a track of cyclocross and the creation of a bike-parc. This complex closely linked to the company Wish One, will be equipped with a washing station, changing rooms and meeting rooms. At the crossroads, it would then become a center dedicated to cycling, perhaps even a cycling paradise!

The local bicycle clubs, some of which are already involved in the adventure, could use the structures that plan to host championships or even the training of departmental supervisors.

The three models of bicycles made by hand and in France by the company Wish One are respectively in the colors of Larzac, Rougier de Camarès and Lévézou. ©

A challenge

Entrepreneurs explain that “all the parts of a bike correspond to different skills and therefore to different manufacturers and that they will focus first on the frame which was until now made of steel by French brands”.

Our project is to go further, to be innovative, we want to manufacture a Composite frame on which we have made good progress and on which we are already in development. It is a challenge to repatriate the know-how of Composite materials in France, but we are confident, all the lights are green! »

The company explains that it will be able to manufacture the first Carbonne frames in September 2022 in the workshop located in Cazalous and which will employ four people in the first two years to develop and then reach ten employees in the medium term. term.

The deadlines

Development work will soon be undertaken to accommodate offices on a mezzanine, a manufacturing workshop and a showroom so that the first customers can be received from April 1 and the sales team is in place.

June 5 will be organized the gravel world cup, a date that certainly marks the beginning of an adventure, as Maxime Poisson and Francois-Xavier Blanc: « Millau will become the focal point for all people who cycle in the region”.

The Mayor of Millau and President of the Community of Municipalities Millau Grands Causses Emmanuelle Gazelle recalled reaffirms its will “to develop the sport, leisure and tourism bike, but also as a tool for mobility and as a way of life”.

We want to bring Millau Grands Causse closer to its identity as the capital of outdoor sports, of which cycling is one of the emblems”.