May 12, 2022

Martiniquans are waiting for the delivery of a spa or a jacuzzi…but the e

Fifteen or so Martiniquans, customers in the spa world, had placed orders of up to 9,000 euros for jacuzzis and spa sets. In the meantime the company has been liquidated. They are still waiting for delivery or a refund.

A zen, cozy space… Dreams, bubbles, to forget everyday life. A well-being space, welcome in this time of crisis.

The ads are tempting, but a completely different reality is gradually unfolding for unlucky customers. Some had set up a dedicated space, made work accordingly. Others wanted to replace a used spa.

Business leaders and individuals, about fifteen people in Martinique, many more in Guadeloupe who have thus invested substantial sums. For a spa or even two in some cases. Between 6 and 10 thousand euros. The contract was clear: 50% on order, the balance once the spa was delivered.

After a few months of waiting, doubt and suspicion set in, everyone fears the unthinkable. From phone calls to individual investigations, the ax falls. He is brutal. The company is liquidated.

Advertising poster extolling the merits of the company in the French West Indies.

©Stéphane Petit-Frère

Many customers are confused. A few have taken out loans, repaying high monthly payments over 30 months. Others have little information about the rest of the procedure.

Customers who have no guarantee of being reimbursed and question the good faith of the managers. The latter, based in Guadeloupe, liquidated this company and have been managing another entity in the sister island since 2018.

One of the two entrepreneurs based in Guadeloupe did not wish to be registered. But gave us time to explain, claiming to be a victim of the health crisis, to suffer significant financial losses and to be at an impasse to the point of going out of business.

A company created in 1995, so 8 years ago in Guadeloupe and Martinique. And to specify that they do not benefit from any state aid despite their numerous approaches.