May 22, 2022

Main assets for a company

Mainly open to elected representatives of the CSE, the SSCT (Health, Safety and Working Conditions) training course is aimed at companies. Depending on the size of the company, elected officials can be trained for 3 or 5 days. The objective of this training remains to enable participants to have knowledge of SSCT. The latter will then have to put the acquired notions into practice within their company. To find out all about the main advantages of said training for a company, we invite you to read the different paragraphs of this article.

Ensuring the health and safety of its employees

According to article L4121-1 of the Labor Code,
each employer must guarantee the physical integrity and safety of its employees. The latter must therefore take all the necessary measures to avoid an accident at work. Thanks to the formation SSCT, a company will be able to set up an effective prevention system. For quality SSCT training, click here. You can then take advantage of the expertise of INGENIUM CONSULTANTS, a training and legal advice organisation. It is above all an agency specializing in the fields of labor law and private law.

Following this short apprenticeship, whether you are a staff representative or an employee, you will receive all the useful information to examine each workstation. In addition, you will be able to apply all the security techniques seen during the training in order to significantly improve working conditions. Furthermore, the members of the CSE can receive, after the SSCT training, additional courses concerning, for example, the management of psychosocial risks. This is also useful in order to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Significantly reduce occupational risks

SSCT training not only allows CSE members to have skills in securing employees, but also premises.
This contributes greatly to arousing the interest and curiosity of participants in the prevention of occupational risks. In the event of detection of a possible danger, the elected representatives of the CSE will be able to alert the staff and quickly take the appropriate measures to protect everyone.

Long-term, SSCT training can significantly reduce the risks and the heavy costs involved. Thus, such training can save a company money. On the other hand, CSE elected officials regularly carry out SSCT inspections. During these inspections, the members of the CSE propose effective solutions to prevent risks and guarantee company safety.

SSCT training: how to organize it?

The elected CSE who plans to follow this training must send a letter to his employer at least one month in advance. In his letter, he must clearly mention the date and duration of his absence, the cost of the apprenticeship and the name of the SSCT training organization. The members of the CSE must choose their organization among those which are authorized to give this teaching.

The list of these organizations remains available at the ANACT, and on the website of the Ministry of Labour. In the event of a collective internship, each elected representative must send his own letter. It may happen that the employer does not accept the requests, but this refusal only constitutes a postponement of the apprenticeship. At the end of the SSCT training, participants receive a certificate of attendance, which must be sent to the company manager.