May 22, 2022

Lyons. ASVEL Women, a company with a mission… on all terrains –

Text: Morgan Couturier. Accustomed to performing on the pitch, ASVEL Féminin is not left out off the court. The Lyon club has therefore decided to modify its statutes, so as to adopt the position of a company with a mission. A first for a top club.

We knew Tony Parker talented, gifted in the exercise of moving the lines to reach his target. But until then, we only talked about basketball, balls and titles. Since this Friday, January 28, 2022, it will again have to be granted this faculty, on a field very different from the previous ones: that of the social. On this point, and because the natural cannot be erased, the president undertook this mission by doing what he knows how to do best, with a decisive pass for his teammate, Marie-Sophie Obama, Deputy President of ASVEL Women.

The eternal playmaker has indeed wished to attribute to him the news of the day, namely the evolution of the club towards the very special status, “of a company with a mission”. With a social mission, in this case, the women’s club wanting to complement its sporting performance with a deep commitment to the benefit of women and their achievement.

“We want every woman to gain self-confidence”

“ASVEL Feminine puts its passion at the service of society so that every little girl, every woman, can realize her dreams and become the captain of her life”, now advocate the Lionesses. Champions of France in 2019, the latter therefore have the new mission of “committing to the fulfillment of women in society by supporting and implementing initiatives to combat stereotypes and promote singularities”.

A first, for a high-level sports club, proof again of the desire of the Lyonnaises to land. We want to support women to give them the keys to fulfillment,” supported Marie-Sophie Obama, a life-size illustration of this inclusion through sport. Promoted to the upper echelons of French basketball by her friend Tony Parker, the former player never lost the idea of ​​returning the ball.

Here it is now at the heart of the game. With a strategy: to multiply the testimonials, to promote professional training or even to promote certain trades. On this point, everyone seems to win. Women first !

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