July 1, 2022

Lot. In Souillac, the Aymard company, a family business model!

Michel and Laurent Aymard: the son resembles the father or vice versa. (©DR )

They are brand new, they almost breathe fresh paint and they are clean enough to make even the most experienced housewives pale. The spacious boutique on Avenue de Sarlat, on the site of the old and regretted “Cendre Truffle” now welcomes you every day from Monday to Friday. You will find a choice of paints, floor coverings and other paving, among other tools and utensils to buy and even rent for some large materials. Almost all of the products sold are made in France.

Upon your arrival, counselors will meet your expectations and provide the necessary advice to the less experienced among us. Smiles are offered because we are like that.

Behind the shop, the warehouse, with a dining hall for company employees, the manager’s office, storage areas and vehicle parking. Most of the company’s turnover (80%) is based on an activity of services to individuals, companies but also to local authorities, which presupposes responsiveness and know-how in responding to calls for tenders, whether either for public procurement or with an adapted procedure. The schedules must be real headaches.

The work was mainly entrusted to the Souillagaises and Lotoises companies. Question of state of mind. The local fabric matters and it works.

A model company and entrepreneurs

But let’s go back to the origins of this small company created in 1972 by Michel Aymard. He says he comes from the north, but it is only from the north of Corrèze. From a small independent craftsman, he became a business manager with around fifteen employees. The company has seventeen today. Several moves to Souillac but also to Lachapelle-Auzac over the past forty years, with the last warehouse-store which was located rue de la Borie.

Laurent Aymard, his son, the current manager, joined him in 1991 after having lived his first professional experiences elsewhere and participated in the competition for the best worker in France in painting specialty. Today he runs the company he created with his father, who retired only a handful of years ago.

The son resembles the father or vice versa. They both have the same kindness, the speaking is frank and straightforward, and it is always said with elegance and gentleness, and not without a certain dose of humor whenever possible. They are one of those people who have this natural ability to bring others together and unite.

A service SME with less than 20 employees celebrating its 50th anniversary is not within everyone’s reach, especially in the building sector. This longevity is not abnormal when we take a closer look:

– Respect for employees. A company that respects its employees is already a way of respecting its customers.

– Focus on training and professional integration (Laurent Aymard is very involved in training with Lotois artisans, but also with the GIEQ46, and it is not lacking the ideas to promote trades that offer many perspectives of stable jobs Craftsmen are moreover true men of art in their fields and women all have their place.

– An ability to evolve and respond to new challenges, whether technical and commercial, by being aware of everything that is new. A permanent questioning of know-how, which also supposes a vigilant eye on the market.

– A certain form of humility despite the road traveled.

– Optimization of working time

– The ability of the father to let the son take the reins in his own way.

– Last but not least, a favorable family environment that allows you to recharge your batteries and stay down to earth.

You will have understood that this company can serve as a model for all potential entrepreneurs. In any case, it is credible on all levels. Another particularity, both for the father and the son: their commitment to the city. Laurent Aymard is a municipal councilor, and the least we can say is that he knows his city. He is one of those young quads who want Souillac to wake up, and his contributions to the municipal team are always full of common sense.

A superb party

There was therefore something to celebrate all this: A new, well-placed premises and a fiftieth anniversary. The least we can say is that the party was sumptuous without being exuberant (the “bling bling” was out of place), and we put the small dishes in the big ones. It is that we know how to receive at the Aymard. It was above all a way of thanking all of the company’s partners, including the communities and their elected officials. We therefore found quite naturally the mayor of Souillac (who pointed out how much pressure from a buyer was greater when it was a son or a daughter), the vice-president of Cauvaldor in charge of the economy and the two elected representatives of the canton, the mayor of Lachapelle-Auzac also. The elected representatives of the municipal majority had also made the trip. We have come across many suppliers, customers, colleagues, banking partners, associations (the Ecaussystem to name just one), family of course, not to mention some friends. Special mention to the neighbor Olivier Godon (Albareil Quercinox) who also transferred his company from Lachapelle-Auzac to Souillac in the same building. It was he who initiated the purchase of the building jointly with Laurent Aymard. The small cafes of the Petit Resto de Frédo Vergnes do not yet allow us to read the future, in any case some are building it around a little black. Life what …

The whole team of the Aymard company was presented to the public, even the old ones, who came especially as DJs. It was thus discovered that Cédric Bergounioux, now renowned musician, was also a former employee. So many paths and crossed stories … If there were so many people who made the trip that evening, it is no coincidence. It is the fruit of a social and professional life led with common sense, having as a base real values ​​… So obviously, it is always pleasant to meet them.

250 people traveling for you and your business? This is not trivial and it was perhaps the best gift we could give them.

Now the adventure continues, and all entrepreneurs know it: nothing can ever be taken for granted. In any case, work pays, friendship too …


Contact: peinture-aymard.com – Facebook: Aymar. Painting -Phone: 05 65 37 09 85

Store: 65 ter, avenue de Sarlat – 46 200 Souillac. Hours: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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