January 29, 2022

Loire Atlantique. Invalid, an ex-boss who lives on the premises of his company will be expelled

Ludovic Foëzon in the plot of land, former headquarters of his company, and now owned by the municipality. © Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

The expulsion was ordered by the Nantes court on December 2.

Ludovic Foëzon must leave the building of the locality La Lande in the business area, located rue Angelo Alfano in Divatte-sur-Loire, municipality of Barbechat, in Loire Atlantique.

It is here that the former entrepreneur has lived for two years on a fenced plot of 1.6 ha, which belongs to the municipality.

As part of a judicial liquidation procedure, the community indeed bought the plot last summer.

For the former leader of Chrono Sport, a company specializing in the marketing of measurement systems for motor circuits, this court decision is the epilogue of a descent into hell that began in 2014.

A serious heart attack

Director of a company created in 1997, Ludovic Foëzon lives at a hundred miles an hour.

The exclusive importer of the Alfano brand travels across France, Europe and North Africa to sell chronometers.

“I was doing 150,000 km per year,” recalls Ludovic Foëzon.

The business that employs one person is thriving. In November 2014, it came to an abrupt end.

The manager is the victim of a heart attack: an aortic dissection.

Between life and death, he is operated on urgently. The condition is often fatal.

The survival rate is very low. It is 10%.

Ludovic Foëzon

After the intervention, Ludovic Foëzon is no longer the same man.

Disabled, he suffered two strokes and underwent several surgeries. Impossible with this handicap to hold the reins of the company which he entrusts to his wife. “I took over. But I did not have all the technical skills, ”comments his ex-partner.

Activity is falling. And stops in 2017 when the partner of Chrono Sport denounces the exclusivity contract.

Without products to market, the manager has no choice but to go out of business. The judicial liquidation of the company is initiated. The leader has debts.


To pay them, the court asks the SCI, owner of the land and created by Ludovic Foëzon, to sell the building and the land.

The plot, zoned for economic activity, interests the municipality of Divatte-sur-Loire. Professionals from the health and well-being sector are candidates to occupy the building in which Ludovic Foëzon still lives.

In disability status, the former leader, now separated, and without “plan B” occupies the premises illegally.

And without paying taxes.

Since I lived there, an agreement had been reached with the judicial representative. The community undertook to buy the land once the property was free from its occupants.

Ludovic Foëzon

A commitment that the town hall “kept”, replies Christelle Braud, the mayor.

For two years, the municipality has exchanged and met the ex-leader to find him social housing.

We have been accompanying him for months. But he didn’t take that outstretched hand. It took him months to meet on welfare. After his registration, there were several reminders over a significant period of time. Above all, he only made one request. And this one is very restrictive. He is looking for a large apartment of type T4 (Editor’s note: he is the father of a family) in Divatte-sur-Loire. There are not any.

Christelle Braud, mayor.

The mayor is sorry for the situation.

“This expulsion procedure, it is not out of heart that we started it. Since I became mayor, we had only done this once. We don’t like it. We don’t want to kick him out. Moreover, we had told the liquidator that we would buy the plot once the occupant left. But he doesn’t hear. And do not show good will. We can not do otherwise. I remind you that this plot is for economic purposes. You cannot live in your workshop. And it is a space that does not belong to it, ”continues Christelle Braud.

Immediate expulsion

Words that nuance and deny Ludovic Foëzon. On the illegal occupation of the premises, the former leader does not dispute. With precision.

“The agent had offered to buy back the debt. I had managed to raise the sum around 50,000 euros. But the town paid the sum of 150,000 euros to acquire the real estate complex ”, wonders Ludovic Foëzon.

On the rehousing proposal, the former leader, on the other hand, denies the version of the municipality.

“She made no offer to me for housing, whether in the town or elsewhere,” said Ludovic Foëzon, whose “file got lost in town hall,” he adds.

In shock after the passage of the bailiff and the expulsion procedure, Ludovic Foëzon is stunned.

The resident, aged 57, who lives on an invalidity pension, must vacate the premises.

He does not benefit from the two-month deficiency. Nor of the winter break.

Upon receipt of the court’s decision, Ludovic Foëzon’s lawyer requested a meeting with the municipality.

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