July 2, 2022

Lobodis. Labeled PME +, the Breton roaster is also becoming a business with a mission

For more than 30 years, Lobodis has followed an original and often exemplary path. Present in supermarkets, with high-end coffees, the Bain-de-Bretagne roaster practices fair trade and promotes work for the disabled. With a turnover of nearly 11 million euros in 2021 and a team of 34 employees, it is today a company with a mission. Another challenge for Frédéric Lerebour, its manager, who dreams of only one thing: to involve the greatest number of consumers in his approach.

Founded in 1988 in Saint-Brieuc, taken over in 2008 by the Richard family, transferred ten years later to Bain-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine), Lobodis is managed by Frédéric Lerebour. The Breton Pure d’Origine coffee roaster works with 25 producer organizations in Latin America and Africa, in particular by promoting fair and responsible trade.

In 1994, Lobodis made the daring choice to set up its roasting site in the heart of the Esar “CAT Notre Avenir”, a medical and social establishment whose objective is the social and professional integration of adults with disabilities. Today, a strong and lasting partnership has been established between the two entities and more than 50 people with disabilities, the equivalent of 25 full-time jobs working in the roasting workshop or in the logistics department, with an activity adapted and integrated into their course.

As such, Lobodis received the Recognition trophy 2020. Labeled PME +, the roaster is also involved in Produced in Brittany at test Brittany 26,000, a first regional CSR label based on the international ISO 26000 standard.

Respond to social and environmental issues

Faced with the need to change production and consumption methods in order to preserve the planet and its natural resources, Lobodis has now become a company with a mission and includes in its statutes its raison d’être and its social and environmental objectives.

« We now have a precise legal framework to carry out our actions in line with our values, explains Frédéric Lerebour. Our goal is to be useful, where we are. One of our wishes is to develop our bulk solutions on the conventional coffee shelves of supermarkets and thus have an interaction with the consumer. We can only get by with companies like ours, namely companies that measure themselves and then make the right choices.. »

And to continue: “Imagine, from 6 criteria (water consumption, soil pollution, deforestation, greenhouse effect, etc.), we have done a study of the impact of our coffee, across the entire chain, from production to the end consumer. We used a coffee grown in Peru. Result: 60% of the impact comes from upstream agriculture. Proof that we still need to strengthen our support for our producers. In addition, we have also learned that 15% of our footprint comes from the bottom of the coffee left in the coffeemaker and that we throw without any scruple in the sink. There is an enormous educational work to be done. This is why we want to bring together the greatest number of consumers in our approach. »

By becoming a Company with Mission, Lobodis commits to being responsible, useful and clearly displays its objectives:
▪ Make a selection of high-quality traceable coffees accessible to as many people as possible.
▪ Roasting, conditioning and delivering its coffees according to demanding social and environmental processes.
▪ Contribute to supporting small producers with dignity by buying them their coffees at a remunerative price and by supporting them in their development projects on a long-term basis.
▪ Integrate people with disabilities into these processes and participate in creating the conditions for their autonomy.
▪ Participate in the development of the local economy by favoring local partners, sharing common values.
▪ Inspiring the transition of its ecosystem by being a pilot in terms of social responsibility.