January 24, 2022

Le Mans. What if you rented plants to clean up your offices?

Alexandre Guillaume, co-founder of Five a Day, a company based in Le Mans (Sarthe) and Orléans, and Salomé Betus, who co-leads the Turn me Green project. (© Frédéric Jouvet / News Le Mans)

Nothing like a green plant to brighten up offices! From this observation, the company Five a Day, based in Mans (Sarthe) and to Orleans (Center-Val-de-Loire), created a new service end of November 2021 baptized « Turn Me Green ».

Clean up spaces

The principle: to offer plant rentals to companies in order to bring a touch of greenery but also clean up spaces.

It is a rental service for depolluting and decorative plants for offices. The plants are adapted according to the area and the brightness of the premises.

Salome BetusCo-leader of the “Turn Me Green” project

The size and type of indoor plants offered depend on the layout of the premises. Companies can also choose the associated decorating style (Zen, industrial, etc.).

“In the offices, there is 11 pollutants. The plant will reduce by 50% particles in the air, ”continues the communications officer alternately.

A delivery activity of fresh and dried fruits

If Five a Day is expanding its offer, the company founded by two brothers, Alexandre and Thibault Guillaume, started off by launching its business of delivering fresh, seasonal and dried fruit to businesses. “We heard about burn-out, lack of communication …”, explains Alexandre Guillaume. Each in their respective company, they begin to bring fruit to the offices. “We realized that this created a new meeting time in the workplace.” Today, the team of seven people in the two cities has 130 subscribed customers or 10,000 employees supplied with fresh fruit.

In addition to the rental component, the team offers a full service by watering the plants and providing feedback on their development.

The well-being of employees as a credo

In addition to these aspects, Salome Betus also highlights “the contribution of well-being and the source of appeasement” conferred by the presence of plants.

“We wondered how to improve the well-being of employees, we thought of plants,” rewinds the one who launched this project alongside Camille Monteiro (which, for its part, is in Orléans).

This starts from an observation: there may be plants in offices but no one takes care of them. There is nothing sadder than a dead plant in the office.

Alexander GuillaumeCo-founder of Five a Day

“It’s a real challenge to offer a working environment that is as pleasant and as safe as possible”, while many employees returned to their company premises afterwards. a teleworking phase. “And we also have cacti which are good for limiting computer waves”, adds Salomé Betus.

Short circuit and ecology

“We have values ​​geared towards ecology, the short circuit, reforestation with Planète Urgence…”, lists Alexandre Guillaume. He concedes, “it’s harder to work on the local map for indoor plants ”. This is why they use horticulturalists and specialized wholesalers.

The team, which advocates zero waste, also offers a ecological fertilizer as well as drip watering using agar-agar.

As with their fruit delivery business, Five a Day relies on electric vehicles to make its trips and deliveries.

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