July 1, 2022

its importance for the web presence of your company

The visual identity of a company is essential to stand out from the competition and mark the minds of consumers. This element is all the more important with the development of the Internet and the omnipresence of digital in the purchasing journey of Internet users. In order to understand its impact, a sociological study was carried out in France. 99% of preschool children know the logo of the famous Mac Donald fast food. To establish itself in your industry, it is essential to have a strategy and a relevant brand identity.

Stand out from the competition: have an impactful digital presence thanks to your visual identity

What is visual identity?

The visual identity brings together the colors and logos with which your company is associated. LR Health & Beauty, the German skincare brand reflects a green and white brand image, like an echo of the natural products it promotes.
However, the visual identity goes further. Beyond logos and colors, it is important to look at pictograms, typography or even the layout.

For example, the Coca-Cola brand has an essential visual identity:

  • Red color
  • Specific typography
  • Easily recognizable logo
  • A tone and a well-defined communication, especially with the Christmas spirit …

Establish a coherent brand visual identity

The visual identity is essential to give indications to the users concerning your values, your history, your offer …
For example, the LR brand which mainly sells aloe vera products has chosen green as the dominant color. This refers to the vegetal and natural idea of ​​the offer. They created consistency between their message, their products and their communication.

On the contrary, Coca-Cola chooses red, the color of passion and impulse. This is associated with warm events, even parties.
But, how do they stand out from the competition despite the web development of other companies? The teams have developed strong digital communication. In addition, they worked on the profile of their clients and adapted to it. Indeed, initially, the Coca-Cola brand targets working-class and disadvantaged communities. As an indication, in Mexico, this drink is cheaper than water.
Therefore, the objective of the graphic charter is to trigger an impulse and unthought-out purchase.

The work of your visual identity begins with the creation of your website and must be personalized. Analyze the personality of your company as well as the messages to convey.

  • What are your values?
  • What is the objective of your offer?
  • Do you have a slogan or an idea to communicate to your target?

Whatever your goals, you must adopt a unique, tailor-made and personalized visual identity. It must be the reflection of your business and the basis of your graphic charter. Gentleview, a web agency in Lyon, puts its expertise at the service of companies wishing to differentiate themselves from competitors and mark the minds of consumers. This visual strategy must apply to your physical communication (business cards, flyers, etc.) as well as to your digital strategy (social networks, websites, etc.).

Why does a unique design improve your web presence?

It is difficult to have good visibility on the internet. Competition is fierce there. All businesses are in one place. To make a difference and make an impression, create a graphic charter that is easy to read, pleasant to look at and which arouses emotion. Thanks to your storytelling and your difference, you will increase conversions and visits.

But above all, you will retain consumers who will remember you as soon as the need arises.

To develop the brand image of your company, the creation of a visual identity is essential. This approach is relevant and strategic as long as it resembles your business. Do not hesitate to call on professionals to develop your digital presence and achieve your goals.