January 26, 2022

It recycles waste from the scallop shell: an award-winning Havre company

The Le Havre company BinHappy and its manager Maëlis de Witte won the first prize in the Normandy 4 Good competition, Tuesday, December 14, 2021. (©BinHappy)

In France, nobody does better than the Normandie in terms of scallop. 60% of shellfish fishing is carried out there. The other side of the coin is the very complicated waste to process that this industry generates, since once the pitted wealth, there is a lot of animal flesh left.

What to do with the shell?

Being composed of calcium carbonate, the shell itself is neither incinerable, nor methanisable, nor compostable. So, for lack of a lasting solution, we pile it up, throw it into the sea – which suffocates the seabed – or onto the beaches. Just see that of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, in the Calvados, to understand the extent of the problem.

Separate the animal flesh from the shell

A concern that the Le Havre company BinHappy, specializing in the recovery of food waste, says it is “able to control. It is quite legitimate to study the subject and think about finding a solution to inert this scallop and separate the animal flesh from the shell, assures its manager, Maëlis de Witte. The goal is that the pulpit is then upgraded to animal meal in the best case or methanized in the worst case and that the shell is crushed, crushed into different grain sizes to go through several channels. “

Multiple conversions

The scallop can indeed be used in the fields of bioplastics, cosmetics, pharmacology, highway paints, as an amendment in fields, in animal food, even human food because they are marine trace elements, or even in construction, since the ESITC (School of Construction Engineers) in Caen has developed shell-based drainage pavers.

There really is a future for this shell, but you have to go through this inerting stage to get it out of its waste status.

Maelis de WitteManager of BinHappy

BinHappy, which aims to become a key player in Normandy, therefore created the project Jack Lab with the invaluable help of the Ivamer cabinet, which consists in creating “a machine which will be placed on the fishing ports, as close as possible to the deposits”. The functional prototype should be validated for the next season, in October 2022.

The Normandy 4 Good first prize

It is for this project as ambitious as it is innovative that Jack Lab won the first prize of the competition. Normandy 4 Good, which rewards impact companies, Tuesday, December 14, 2021. “It proves that it’s more than an idea and that we have something that holds up. This makes it possible to legitimize the project and will give us the right to have expert opinions, welcomes Maëlis de Witte. It’s always great to be challenged and I believe that the more brains we have to think about a subject, the further we go. “

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