May 24, 2022

Is it safe to buy Google reviews for your business?

Reading the temptation to buy valuations is great, is it worth it?

Currently, the competitiveness of companies that are offered on the Internet is maximum. In addition, the effect of the pandemic has multiplied this feeling of competitiveness, since many companies have had to close for not being able to endure this situation. When a customer can make the decision to enter your store or hire your services, the ratings found on Google carry a lot of specific weight. We have already highlighted how important it is for your business to appear in the top positions, or how to get positive reviews from your customers.

There’s no doubt that it’s hard work, it’s always an investment in your own business. But we already know that in the business world it is increasingly complex to be able to stand out, therefore, this aspect should never be overlooked. Likewise, your business appearing on Google Maps should be a priority. This tool allows us to geographically position a company and compare it to other similar ones, and it is extremely useful on many occasions, for example, when we are in a place that we do not know. Who hasn’t looked for a restaurant with good ratings while traveling?

In case you don’t know, there are companies that offer the sale of expertise for your business. It is one more service that allows us to positively increase or correct our footprint on the Internet in a very simple and fast way. If you haven’t thought about it yet, here’s what you need to know about buying Google Reviews for your business and its security.

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Yes, it is also a very flourishing type of business. On the Internet, you will find quite a few companies that offer this expertise purchase service. The process is very simple, you just need to contact the company you want and ask for the number of ratings necessary for your company to go from 3 to 4 stars, for example. As simple as completing payment and waiting for Google to approve those positive reviews.

But, effectively, it is always a process of deformation of reality. If your business for some reason has quite a few negative reviews and suddenly appears with a much higher number of positive reviews, it can be understood that there has been some buying of those reviews. Even worse, users usually notice and don’t take these reviews for granted. They perceive that there has been tongo and therefore you are not very trustworthy. Can we understand that in one month we go from 10 negative opinions to 20 positive opinions? It would be a very unnatural process of transformation.

But it must be recognized that this is a one-off aid that should not be mistaken. For this reason, buying Google reviews for your business should be seen as something very concrete, a little boost at some point. If your business or business is not providing good service, you have a lot of negative reviews, there is no point in trying to artificially correct this trend. The process would be to find out what’s wrong and get to work so that the positive reviews come naturally, i.e. by real users.

In any case, the best companies dedicated to buying reviews make sure that whoever writes knows how to do it. They usually have a good number of writers with Google profiles who usually write reviews according to strict criteria. This way, written reviews are seen more naturally by users and it can take a lot more work for Google to figure out that there has been a purchased review.

Yes, Google can actually detect that a review didn’t come naturally. In this case, it will eliminate it and the effect for your business will be the opposite of what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a large number of reviews at once, it may be the users who detect that there has been blatant review buying and can report it directly to Google. . Your business situation can then become quite complicated.

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Next? What to do?

Answering the question in the title of this article, yes, buying positive reviews for your business is safe. The best companies that offer this service fulfill their mission and will generate an increase in your valuation. They are contrasting pages, therefore, you will not have any type of problem. Now, the person ultimately responsible for Google finding out that reviews have been bought is you.

It is always advisable to try to get reviews naturally, i.e. organically. It will be positive for which sign your business is working. But, if for some reason you are going to buy reviews for your business, don’t try to overdo it or go and fix a situation quickly. Consider this service as a concrete help for specific moments, and not as a technique to improve your brand image. A little push is always needed, but don’t base your web presence on something artificially constructed. If you are thinking of using this type of service, we leave you some links to companies that offer a service for buying Google reviews.

Buying Google reviews for your business can be summed up in a very famous phrase by Paracelsus, a 16th century alchemist. “Everything is poison and nothing is poison, only the dose makes the poison. »

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