May 14, 2022

In Tulle, she created Boost Administratif 19 which allows others to “get rid of the administrative burden”

Give meaning to your daily life. After more than 10 years spent in different administrations, Laëtitia Wiatrowski could no longer find it in her work. To his dismay… or on the contrary, to his fulfillment today. In September 2021, she decides to launch her own company Boost Administratif 19. And to give up her life before.

“I wanted to give meaning to my work”

“My work was becoming time-consuming, I wanted to feel more useful. “The Tulliste returned to live in the Corrèze prefecture in 2019 to occupy a position of administrative manager left him only two years later. The one who “never likes to sit idle”, then decides to launch her micro-enterprise, in the midst of a health crisis. After several months working on the project, Administrative Boost 19 was launched on September 1, 2021 to help others “get rid of the administrative burden. »

Finding a human side in her work, a relationship that had until then been gradually neglected in her previous life, such was Laëtitia Wiatrowski’s motivation.

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I wanted to give meaning to my work, continues the young entrepreneur. I really wanted to help people, artisans, workers.

Because the 30-year-old concedes it bluntly: “The administration is scary. Removing this fear from others, helping small and medium-sized businesses in all their administrative procedures has become his new daily life. “I work a lot with craftsmen and workers who often work long hours and don’t necessarily have the time to fully take care of all the administrative part of their business. One of his clients, a roofer, still does everything in writing. “Really old-fashioned,” she jokes.

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All in all, it is to meet the needs of any business that Laëtitia Wiatrowski has created hers. Over long or short periods, his work revolves around administrative, budgetary, commercial and payroll management. “Seeing the mechanic be happy to no longer have this burden, I can only be satisfied,” she adds, fully satisfied with her new life.

After having spent more than 10 years in different administrations, and many other professions before – “from the laundry to the profession of saleswoman, I have done everything! -, the auto-entrepreneur believes that there was a real need today in this area in a provincial sector like that of Tulle.

Laëtitia Wiatrowski: “The administration is scary. »

The administrative burden

“I know many artisans in the sector for whom the administrative burden is a real inconvenience. This weight of administrative procedures, which is often said to be specific to France, she agrees. “But all the same, for the past ten years, it has all the same become lighter. Today, what can slow down the process are all the security issues that there weren’t necessarily before. »

For five months now, Laëtitia Wiatrowski has alternated between her new professional life and what occupies her the rest of her time, animal protection. “I try to do what I can on my small scale. Giving meaning to her daily life is what has always driven her.

Vincent Faure