May 22, 2022

In the Loiret, companies struggling to recruit put up banners to attract candidates

Hand on the wheel, the motorist suddenly sees a banner appear on the edge of the national 7, in Solterre: “The company Simon is recruiting a confirmed mechanic [et/ou] an apprentice mechanic in Bac or BTS”, proclaims the standard. Émilie and Danny Simon took over the agricultural machinery activity in Pressigny-les-Pins three years ago. “At the beginning, we had put the banner in front of our company; but as we are at an impasse, it only affected our customers. We changed it location to impact more people“, explains Emilie Simon.

Under-resourced technical professions

With this banner, installed in October 2021, the couple hopes to overcome their difficulties in recruiting staff.

“Agricultural mechanics only interest young people who have been immersed in the environment and who intend to take over the family business.”

Danny Simon (Simon Company)

A banner represents an investment for certain companies. Picture CK

The small family business weighed the pros and cons before going through an Internet service provider to make its banners. It is necessary to count a budget of 200 euros excluding taxes per banner, and to prepare to replace them every six months before the material succumbs to bad weather.

In Nogent-sur-Vernisson, the investment did not cause any procrastination for the public works company Colas.

“We installed our banner between August and September to collect a maximum of CVs. We are struggling to recruit companions.”

Stéphane Gourdeau (Operations assistant at Colas)

Understand mechanic, machine or truck driver and the most penurious profile: the implementation of asphalt. “A job where you have to accept schedules, travel, endure bad weather and be dirty, sometimes.”

premium Nexity threatens to sue the association which wants to save the Gudin barracks, in Montargis

Faced with the needs, “with a banner we rake wide”

The company thus hopes to find profiles different from those offered by more institutional channels, such as Pôle Emploi and temporary employment agencies.

“With a banner, we rake wide and we meet people to explain to them what we are looking for and see if it corresponds to their professional choice and our requirements. It’s a two-way agreement.”

STÉPHANE GOURDEAU (Operations assistant at Colas)

Particularly penurious trades in industry. Photo Dominique Dufaut

Near Orléans, in Saint-Cyr-en-Val, the recruitment banner placed near the branch of the Colas company made it possible to garner a dozen contacts.

That of the Simon company brought back two people, but the fact that it was a position of “pure mechanics” repels some, while others do not have sufficient skills. Yet the need is there. Danny and Émilie had taken under their wing an apprentice who had to interrupt his studies due to a road accident. “We are a family business that pampers its staff to keep them. We train them, they know how we work and know what is expected of them, but we remain open to new things..”

A permanent contract promised by some employers

Ditto for the Colas company: “It is not a question of having a one-time reinforcement. If we offer a permanent contract, it is to build something with our employees.” Employers sometimes come up against employees who prefer to stay in the temporary work system because they do not feel the need for a stable job. Not to mention the image of the profession, not or little valued.

Today you have to “hit up” young people. These are tough jobs. But we explain to them that they can have responsibilities, they are very fond of that“, explains Stéphane Gourdeau. Colas thus organizes in-house training to develop other skills, such as mastering the operation of construction machinery.

Strong demand in the industrial sector

Michel-André Chasseing is director of the Pôle Emploi branch in Montargis. He observes needs in the health sector, but the candidate must still hold the appropriate diploma. Like the profession of caregiver: it remains accessible after training offered by Pôle Emploi and benefited 1,800 jobseekers in 2021. Jobs in the building sector are also to be filled as well as IT jobs. which have developed with the advent of teleworking. But the strongest demand in the Montargois remains in industrial trades. “On these technical jobs, we would have people likely, via a rather short adaptation period, to meet the needs of employers, but few are those who offer it.” Before specifying that the qualification rate is particularly low in the Montargis basin, where 14,000 job seekers are listed for 26,000 employers, not all of them looking for candidates.

Cecile Kettanjian