January 26, 2022

In Mayenne, Durand Peinture welcomes fifteen work-study students

Durand Peinture entrusts the mission to its employees to train the employees of tomorrow. (© Durand Peinture)

Yolande Durand had initiated the movement. “She had set a target that 10% of the workforce in her company would be recruited alternation, and overall we are getting there ”, proudly confides David Durand, his son, and current boss ofDurand Peinture company.

In this year 2021, fifteen work-study students joined the ranks of the company, which has 145 people on five sites: Mayenne, Rennes, Caen, Alençon and Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët.

Last year they were nine and before thirteen. We prorate in our agencies and we set ourselves a maximum to provide quality learning.

David DurandManager of Durand Peinture

If the company is involved in the training of future professionals, it is not “just to take interns. We recruit to integrate young people. We have structured ourselves to be able to welcome them. It is important to pass on our know-how, to also enhance the value of people in our companies for several years by entrusting them with the responsibility of training their future colleagues. For me, companies that have wealth are those that have skills. Wealth comes from people. Another advantage is that learning helps to maintain a balance in the age pyramid.

“A real investment”

Even if 80% of the workforce join the company on a permanent contract, thanks in particular to a high success rate in exams, the Durand company is also experiencing difficulties in finding labor.

We live the same galleys as the others. We try to keep our apprentices, but that is not an objective as such. They are also encouraged to look elsewhere even if it is a real investment. You have to spend time there.

Feminization of the profession

A new phenomenon, the profession is becoming more feminine. “Women work differently but bring the same know-how. The more there is diversity, the easier it will be. This year, a young woman in hairdressing CAP chose to join the painting company after internships. Tiphaine wanted to learn “in the field more than in class”.

For Quentin Nosjean too, the apprenticeship was obvious: “I did not start with a CAP as a Building Painter with the CFA, but with a Professional Bac in Planning and Finishing at the Lycée Gaston Lesnard in Laval. For my first year, I was only doing internships. I had the opportunity to do my 2nd and 3rd years in apprenticeship, I did not hesitate. “

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