July 7, 2022

In Machecoul Saint-Even, the Cetih company is making every effort to recruit disabled workers

In Machecoul Saint-Even, the Cetih company makes every effort to recruit disabled workers. © Le Courrier du pays de Retz

On the occasion of the European week for the employment of people with disabilities, the manufacturer of aluminum and wood doors, Cetih, wanted to raise awareness among its employees on the subject. “We are a company with a mission(1), one of the challenges of which is the inclusion of these workers, explains Bertrand Le Hingrat, health, safety and environment manager at Cetih. We have around 35 disabled people in our workforce and we are above 6% of the legal obligation, but it is not enough and we want to go beyond this threshold. “

Draw a suitable post

No quantified objective, but a desire to welcome this public in difficulty in the best possible conditions. Especially since the labor requirements can be counted in several dozen positions. “We have various professions in which we can include people with disabilities,” indicates Bertrand Le Hingrat. We have to face stereotypes, where some think they cannot work in the factory because of repetition or positions. But we draw all the constraints of the worker and we manufacture an adequate post, by adapting schedules, breaks, tools or with a handling aid. Our role is to make sure that it works and not to defeat the person who includes it, nor the disabled person. “

Concrete example: Cetih employs a deaf and hard of hearing carpenter. Inclusion was made easier thanks to the support of a trained person and another who knew sign language. A more visual operational mode has been implemented to facilitate the transmission of information.

The company has also trained 17 employees, who are referents for “musculoskeletal disorders” and analyze the positions from an ergonomic point of view. For some recruitments, occupational therapists are also called upon to take into account the entire situation.

How to integrate a disabled worker on a production chain that never stops? “We do not ask ourselves the question in terms of employee profitability,” assures Bertrand Le Hingrat. If people are happy to come to work, a lot of good things will come out of it. “

(1) New forms of business which statutorily gives itself a social or environmental purpose in addition to profit (source Wikipedia)

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