July 4, 2022

In Lille, Samuel offers Handfit to boost business competitiveness

In Lille (North), Samuel is developing a sports method to regain corporate cohesion. (© Samuel Dablement)

the corporate sport settles in a new way with Samuel, 21, a young graduate of a license in staps. His idea developed at Lille (Nord) : unite teams after the long period of confinements and teleworking. All this for 0 €. We explain to you.

An innovative practice

After months of teleworking or half-group activity, since the start of the school year, many employees returning to the site are reuniting with their colleagues. This feedback can be, in some cases, a source of apprehension for employers and employees.

In order to support the return of teleworkers to companies, Samuel created his company, Heal Fit. “The challenges of the recovery are multiple: relaunching activity, cohesion and employee commitment. This is why I offer handfit to businesses in Lille, collective sports sessions to reconnect, ”explains Samuel.

Handfit is a derivative of handball, simpler and more accessible, which revolves around 5 stages. First there is the Hand Roll, a self-massage phase with massage rollers or balls, then mobility exercises. The second phase, the Hand Balance, which are exercises alone or in a team of proprioception and balance.

Then, we activate with cardio power which is a phase of 2 times 4 minutes of strengthening in intervals. After that, comes the collective part, the Hand Joy which is similar to handball with team games. The cooldown phase, a time for rest and stretching, ends the session and allows employees to regain calm.

“I encourage the teams to do the workshops together, while adapting to the public. Generally, employees are gradually comfortable, after the 2nd or 3rd session, ”emphasizes Samuel.

A sport that adapts

No need to have sports infrastructure within his company to welcome Samuel. A meeting room does the trick.

“I bring back all the equipment, jump rope, balls, the company just needs a reception room”. Heal’fit can be used for midday, morning, or evening. Even during working time, at the convenience of the company.

“I limit the sessions to 10 people, the groups can rotate to make sure we all play together.” In terms of figures, according to the CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee), corporate sport is 40% less absenteeism, 6 to 9% additional productivity, 5 to 7% savings on health expenses and 1 to 14% more net profitability.

If handfit is not popular, Samuel can also offer other sports such as fitness, hiit cardio etc.

A full refund

In order to promote the development of sport in companies, a decree of May 28, 2021 makes it possible to reimburse employers who install equipment dedicated to carrying out sports activities. Funding for physical and sporting activities is also reimbursed.

“The decree allows reimbursement of up to € 171 per year per employee for physical activity services. To put it simply, I cost € 2,200 per year. If a company has more than 13 employees, I cost it € 0, ”says Samuel.

If you want to test a session, you will have to pay 50 € for an hour. You can contact Samuel by email: [email protected], but also on Heal’fit social networks via facebook or instagram.

Eliette Slosarczyck

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