January 25, 2022

In business, “daddy” management no longer makes young people dream

Work in the Big Four? For Jeanne Montot, 25, it was niet. “In large firms [d’audit], the operation is very hierarchical ”, she regrets. “As a junior, you cannot carry out any mission there without being accompanied by a senior. And if we haven’t spent so much time in a certain department, it’s impossible to move up to the next level. “ To hell with the prestige, the good salary and the mapped out career.

After graduating from Grenoble Ecole de management, Jeanne prefers to join Nicomak, a small consulting and training firm in managerial innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR), which deploys an agile management method, inspired by the liberated company. “Any new hire chooses his own manager”, she explains. The objectives are not set from above by the co-founders but defined collegially. “On a daily basis, no methodology is imposed on us”, she adds. “Everyone has the responsibility to act on their own missions. If an employee encounters a difficulty, it is up to them to go and ask for help. “

“Confidence and autonomy”

Let it be said: daddy management is no longer a recipe for young graduates. This is confirmed by a study published in January 2021 by Edhec Business School and the firm BearingPoint. Of the 954 students and young professionals from higher education questioned, 47% say they want to work in an innovative type of company, where employees are organized in multidisciplinary and agile teams operating in “project mode”, 17% favor the structures entrepreneurial, simple and flexible.

“Millennials have a hard time finding themselves infantilized in the professional world,” Isaac Getz, professor of leadership and innovation at ESCP

“Millennials were born with the Internet and the freedom it provides”, recalls Isaac Getz, professor of leadership and innovation at ESCP Business School. “Most have received a fairly flexible and empowering education. They therefore live badly to find themselves infantilized in the professional world. They aspire to evolve in a climate of trust and autonomy. “

The new grail of the younger generations? The company released. “A management method where all employees are considered equal and have the freedom to undertake actions that they consider good for the work group”, explains Isaac Getz, who theorized the concept in his book Liberty & Cie (Fayard, 2012).

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