July 1, 2022

in Bédarieux, Victor Cabrera trains salespeople

Technique de Vente Édition is a company from Bédarieux (Hérault), founded in 2017 by Victor Cabrera, which aims to train salespeople. They offer face-to-face and distance learning. The health crisis has influenced both teaching and sales techniques. Interview.

To start, could you tell us how you train your salespeople? Are they more role-playing or theoretical lessons?

Both, I want to say: we train them today at 360 degrees. There is both distance e-learning with video modules and videoconference support by telephone. But also face-to-face scenarios, role plays and learning loops.

With Covid-19, you have trained more remotely. Isn’t that less effective than face-to-face?

So yes and no. That is to say that nothing replaces face-to-face, you are right. Live interaction, in terms of motivation and impact on learners, has no equivalent. But in fact, it complements each other. Because e-learning and distance video training make it possible to go back to teaching elements, and therefore to do post-training reinforcement. Both have a use and, combined, it works very well.

Victor Cabrera, during a lesson
Victor Cabrera

Has the health crisis given rise to another way of selling, in particular on digital media?

We used them before. For a certain part of the commercial players, there has not been a major revolution either. For some years now, we have witnessed what is called the social selling with the use of social networks, the web, webinars and online conferences. But it’s true that a whole bunch of traditional economic actors, who were rather reluctant or foreign to this, had to adapt, create their website and digitize the presentation of their activities.

One of the sales mediums is the telephone, with sometimes untimely calls… You offer training on this, but that’s not exactly the case with canvassing by telephone?

There is a rather negative image, in France, of cold calling. It is explained by amateurism and canvassing at all costs. Afterwards, today, the telephone remains a very effective tool. Why? Because it is one of the only means, with the physical meeting, to have direct access to the decision-makers. And it is useful, in times of distancing.

On the other hand, there is this logic today of improvement in terms of strategy and technique, so it goes through targeting. Indeed, most people are disturbed. Why ? Because we are on a phenomenon of mass prospecting. On the other hand, when you take the time to target and bring added value through your phone calls, then there is no longer too much of a problem.

How can sellers stand out?

It starts with an empathetic approach: you have to ask yourself who is most likely to need a particular product or service, get into the minds of potential customers. Know if they are more on Google and therefore which keywords they will use for their searches. Find out if they are more on social networks.

The customer must recognize himself and he must immediately perceive that there is added value, an opportunity, a benefit for him, to grant me his precious time since today, the most precious asset of people is time.