May 24, 2022

In Aurillac, the great ambitions of Abdeslam Koulouh for the Chavinier company, specializing in electrical networks

Creation of a design office, purchase of premises, investment in the equipment fleet, recruitment… In 2022, the Chavinier company, in Aurillac, wants to turn the page on these last complicated years, which almost led it to file for bankruptcy .

Placed in safeguard proceedings in October 2019, the SME, specializing in the construction of low and medium voltage networks, both overhead and underground, had been declared in receivership on March 17, 2020 by the Aurillac commercial court. . Its dependence on a major contractor had bogged it down in economic difficulties.

The reasons that led the Aurillac company Chavinier to receivership

The SME celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2021

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In the heart of summer 2020, the commercial court ruled in favor of the Parisian holding company 4M Investment to relaunch Chavinier. But less than six months after its takeover, Chavinier changed shareholders again. The SME is now part of the AK Group holding company, based in La Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), which includes twelve subsidiaries and nearly 400 employees grouped around industrial manufacturing, energy services, engineering, technical assistance, but also in the areas of training.
Its CEO, Abdeslam Koulouh, has great ambitions for the Aurillac SME, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2021. For this, it is betting on the energy transition:

“The electricity transmission system operator, RTE, estimates that the demand for electricity will increase by 2035 due to the millions of electric vehicles that will be on the road in France. This massive development means that there will be millions of terminals to be installed. Similarly, a study shows that in 2050 the French electricity system could operate mainly from renewable energies. These are all new sources of production that will have to be connected. »

Abdeslam Koulouh (Manager of the Chavinier company)

The challenge is to position Chavinier on these jobs of tomorrow on an axis going from Bordeaux to Lyon, via Toulouse. “This will require significant material and human investments. »

Eighty years that the current passes with Chavinier

A training school in 2022

The Franco-Moroccan entrepreneur, in his forties, took advantage of these first months at the head of Chavinier to put himself in working order “in order to perpetuate the company and its recognized know-how, to prepare it for tomorrow’s challenges.

After buying the land in the Sistrières area for one million euros, Abdeslam Koulouh will inject another million to renew the machine park. Twenty new hires are also planned: ten for aerial networks, five for electric mobility and five for industrial electricity. A design office has also been created in Aurillac.

The idea is not necessarily to have fifteen-figure growth, but to offer a quality product to our customers, in order to be able to better manage our worksites and our business.

To overcome the lack of manpower, the holding company, which includes a training school for energy professions, should open a branch in Aurillac in 2022, specifies Abdeslam Koulouh, very invested in issues of the fight against dropping out. education, disability, diversity and reintegration.

“Our companies must be citizens. We are betting on finding people who are far from employment to train them. We just recruited two ex-convicts. I totally assume this social side. We must put people back at the heart of our business. »

Emmanuel Tremet