May 22, 2022

How to properly use advertising textiles in business?

Textile is an advertising object that has not finished reinventing itself. In particular, it makes it possible to transform customers and employees into true ambassadors of your brand. The dynamism, adaptability and exposure of advertising textiles make them a remarkable promotional object. It has the power to increase your visibility and strengthen the attachment to the values ​​of your company. It is also useful for ensuring the cohesion of your teams and enhancing your image. In this article, discover how to use advertising textiles in business.

Understand the importance of promotional textiles

The advertising textile is a media object par excellence that has a special aura. We will only wear it if it corresponds to our own values. It also has several strengths that make it an important promotional item. It is also easy to obtain advertising textiles, thanks to sites such as, which specialize in creating custom objects.

The visibility

Advertising textiles benefit from better visibility compared to other communication media. Clothing bearing the effigy of your company will transform your customers and your collaborators into real ambassadors of your product. They will spread the brand image in their professional and private circles, as well as to the passers-by they meet. Thanks to advertising textiles, you also give your customers confidence by showing them that you take your work seriously.

The dynamism

Fashion is a sector that continues to evolve with the seasons, the latest trends and customer expectations. You can therefore use advertising textiles to aspire to a modern brand image in style. Bet in particular on ecological, timeless and original pieces to seduce your employees and your customers. They will be proud to wear them.

The unifying power

The advertising textile also evokes belonging to a group, in particular to the employer brand. It is suitable for all events, whether it is a fair, a seminar or a team building. These garments bearing the image of the company unite employees while strengthening teamwork. The advertising textile can sometimes even represent a souvenir, especially when you distribute it during a privileged event.

Learn about textile marking techniques

It is possible to personalize an advertising garment. There are indeed various branding techniques to highlight your visual identity.

screen printing

This technique consists of print the visual directly on the textile fiber with an ink deposit. It is one of the most widely used methods for making personalized and advertising textiles. Above all, it allows you to choose bright colors. We recommend this printing technique for large quantities.

The embroidery

This method consists of embroidering the textile directly with a colored thread. It allows to obtain quality customization and unalterable over time. Embroidery gives your promotional clothing a special place in the wardrobes of your customers and employees. They are usually found on polo shirts, shirts and head accessories.

Screen printing transfer

This technique consists of printing a visual on the textile using a heated press anda heat-sealing material. This solution is particularly suitable for printing on caps and hats.


Flocking is based on a simple concept: print the visual on a flex roller. Then, it is glued to the textile using a heat press. It is a durable and multi-media solution.

digital printing

Digital printing allows the visual to be printed directly on the textile using a printer anda digital file. This technique gives you the possibility of printing large formats, especially since it offers an unlimited choice of colors, patterns and photos.

Carefully choose the advertising clothes to offer

Manufacturers offer a wide range of advertising textiles to distribute to promote a brand. These promotional items have a considerable impact on the value of your brand. You still have to choose them carefully.

The T-shirt

The t-shirt remains the must have advertising clothing. You can customize it as you wish and stand out even on a limited budget. You will also find different types of textiles adapted to all morphologies and all sizes.

professional clothing

Work clothes with the image of the company show group membership and allow you to systematically recognize your employees. There are various customizable business apparel, such as jackets, parkas, and sweatshirts.

caps and hats

Caps and hats are also among the essential advertising textiles in companies. Caps are easily personalized and transfer your brand image throughout the year. However, we recommend that you distribute promotional hats in summer.

The plaid

Plaid is an advertising textile that is very popular with customers and employees. It evokes pleasant and relaxing moments at home.