May 22, 2022

How to properly launch your business?

Your project is finalized. You finally have your action plan. Your business is ready to take off. But here, if there is theory, there is also practice. And practically, you don’t really know how to launch your box so that it hits the mark. Here are some tips for you to finance your project and make it visible to everyone.

Here are some tips for you to finance your project and make it visible to everyone.
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How to finance the launch of your business?

CBuilding a business and launching it is a business that costs money. Sometimes a lot of money. Your personal reserves, and even those of your loved ones, are not always sufficient. You must then resort to alternative solutions to finance your project. There are several options available to you with this in mind.

To borrow money

Borrowing money is the most obvious solution. To do this, you have the choice between traditional borrowing, consumer credit and microcredit.

A bank loan is often the solution of first choice. However, it is not always the easiest. Indeed, as a project leader, you will have to prove your seriousness. The bank examines both your project and your personal situation. You must then provide a business plan that holds water, and often personal financial guarantees.

If you cannot obtain a loan for your business, you can apply for one on a personal basis. Granting the latter is not always easy and involves a risk for your own finances.

If the amount is not too high, obtaining consumer credit should not be too complicated. This is a solution that many SMEs or solo lessees use for equipment purchases. In this case, it is important to put the organizations in competition to obtain the best rate.

Finally, if you already have several loans or if you do not have access to bank loans, microcredit can be your friend. To access it, only two conditions:

  • the amount must be less than €25,000;

  • your SME must have less than 10 employees.

Find investors

If you don’t want to borrow money, you can look for investors. Two major families of investments are open to you: traditional investors and crowdfunding.

Investors are rarely philanthropists. Like the banks, you must convince them of the seriousness and profitability of your project. If they invest, it’s usually in exchange for shares in your box.

If you do not want to see strangers interfere in the management of your business, you still have crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding, or crowdfunding in French, appeals to the public to finance your business. Unlike traditional funding, this is funding shared by multiple people, sometimes with very small contributions.

The sums generated allow you to quickly develop your projects. In return, you give what you want. In general, it is about one or more products according to the height of the financial participation.

Crowdfunding is the ideal solution if you do not want to borrow and want to keep complete control of your project.

How to popularize your business?

You have found the money to launch your box. It is still necessary to build a dynamic and effective communication plan. Today, multi-channel deployment is inevitable. So you just have to make yourself visible digitally and physically.

Invade social networks

In 2022, social networks are the best distribution channels to launch your business (or your product). Much more than a blog, they make it possible to reach more varied audiences.

Depending on your sector, you will choose some of these networks more than others. LinkedIn is a network more suitable for BtoB. Facebook is the one that gives the most visibility. TikTok is generally for a younger audience, but the trend is changing. Instagram can also bring you a certain audience and engage influencers towards your brand. In any case, target your communications well and prepare different content adapted to each network.

Create events

Events in physics are considered to be very unifying. This is the perfect place to find your ambassadors. This is also the time to be generous. To get noticed, but above all to make an impression, think about goodies. These original little gifts bearing the image of your company, such as a personalized t-shirt or a totebag. Not to mention, useful personalized objects that participants will keep with them, just to always have your brand under their noses.

Your business project is about to come to fruition. To give it every chance to launch properly, you need funding and communication. Think of banks, of course, but also of alternative means such as crowdfunding, to generate the necessary investments. Then, deploy massively and intelligently to mark the consciences. Remember that your audience is on multiple channels, so go find them there.