May 13, 2022

how to know when a business or freelancer needs a website

We can say that a website is almost essential, but… is it necessary for all professionals?

The arrival of the Internet has shown that another way of offering services and selling is possible. Digitization had arrived, a process that is still going on almost 30 years after the appearance of the Internet in the home. In this article we will evaluate the need or not for a company or a freelancer to have a website. Yes, in the midst of the digital age, there are still some services where it may not be practical to have a web page, or at least a page that is too full.

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Without a professional website in the 21st century?

The need to have a website or not obviously depends on your desire to develop yourself. You will already know that Google is the boss, and having your business in place is a big factor. But you shouldn’t obsess over whether or not you have a website either. Indeed, a large part of the businesses and services that you see on Google correspond to businesses that probably do not have a website. And it is that there are services that do not require having space in the network at all. For example, we are talking about traditional businesses that are already well established and whose sales are limited to a specific population. Take the example of a bakery. Would it make much sense for them to invest in building a webpage? Probably not, since sales weren’t going to be affected by having a website.

But on the other hand, it is not understood that there is a typology of services that does not have a website. Can you imagine a marketing company that doesn’t have it? This would be utter nonsense that would have a negative impact on the progress of your business. Basically, because any digital service offered on the Internet must have a webpage. Under the protection of the Internet, a host of professions have emerged that provide services almost exclusively over the Internet. We are talking about content creators, graphic designers, programmers, SEO specialists and marketers. In these cases it is something non-negotiable, if you do not have a website you lose many opportunities to grow your business and, therefore, earn money.

What site do I need?

Finding the balance is not always easy. The complexity of your website will be determined by the type of service you provide and the desires you have to advertise yourself. There are professionals who can be satisfied with a very simple website, it would be practically a landing page in which they show what their basic services are and how to contact them. It’s a way of telling your future customers that you are present on the web, that you are not a fuzzy entity that does not know very well what it is doing or where it is. The advantage of having a website with these characteristics is that you can do it yourself, hosting services and domain purchase offer very valid solutions.

Likewise, installing and running WordPress is very simple. You have at your disposal a number of free templates with which to provide a good image. This way you will have that little space on the network and without having to spend a lot. In addition, you will have a much more professional appearance and in tune with the times in which we lived.

If you’re tackling the project of a slightly more complex website or just don’t feel like doing the research, it’s always best to delegate one of the hundreds of companies in Spain that are dedicated to these tasks. Now, you always have to be careful because they don’t all do the same thing, they don’t work the same way and they aren’t going to offer you the same budget either. Comparing between several will give you a rough idea of ​​what the average price is. You also need to be very clear about what you want because you usually tend to rent a type of website that you may not need. Allocating part of your budget to a website that is not aligned with your service is directly wasting money.

So do I need a website or not?

To answer that question, ask yourself this too. Is it good for me? If the answer is yes, you probably don’t need a website. What seems very necessary is that you have a profile on social networks. Consumers tend to search for these places directly rather than Google on a business website. Also remember that we spend many hours on this type of network, so they are a good place to get known. By the way, does your business appear on Google Maps?

Do you need a professional website?

What is recommended to do, and it won’t cost you too much, is to register your brand domain. Basically because with this you will be able to have a totally personalized email that gives a very good image to your customers. Having a professional services company write to you from a Hotmail or Gmail email isn’t exactly the best in terms of branding. Having your domain registered and multiple email accounts with it won’t cost much, around $40 per year.

We can conclude that it is not always necessary to have a web page to function properly. And it’s also down to the fact that there are plenty of digital professionals who thrive exclusively on the work that comes their way on sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, or Workana. There are attendance-oriented services like home renovations that are advertised on platforms to find clients, a very clear example is this.

Therefore, you should always have the website you need, although this applies in case it is needed. If you decide to have it, it’s always more convenient to have a simple web page, with a clean and easy to navigate interface, than a more complex one that you won’t be able to enjoy much. You will have time, if necessary, to extend the functionalities.

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