January 23, 2022

How to highlight your company’s products at a trade show?

Attending a trade show has many advantages for companies, and when the opportunity arises, many of them look for a place. However, in order for your presence at a show to bear fruit, you have to know how to highlight the products. For this, various tips exist, and we give them to you right away.

The essential supports

To properly display the offers at a trade fair, companies have various media available to them. They help attract attention while helping to stand out from the competition. We talk about roll’up to present products and / or services and to communicate with visitors to the show. Visibility is ensured by its double-sided side. There is also the hanging sign, a signage tool that perfectly conveys the brand image. Its advantage is that it is visible from afar, and this further increases visibility. Let us also note the flyers allowing to communicate on a large scale. However, to attract attention, they need to be modern, creative and original. Businesses can also use eye-catching, branded displays. Let’s not forget the video wall to present the activity. It is also used as an advertising fund. With its substantial surface, it is clearly visible to passers-by.

The layout of the stand

Credits: Pixabay

A prospecting tool par excellence and a temporary showcase for the company, a trade show stand must be perfectly fitted out. Depending on the objectives of participating in this event, the layout is different. If it is for the presentation of new products, it is necessary to think of an exhibition or demonstration space. On the other hand, if it is to strengthen the customer relationship, it is necessary to have several spaces in order to converse with customers and prospects. If it’s to make yourself known, the emphasis should be on display. Afterwards, the stand must adopt the colors of the company, in particular the logo and communication media. We must not forget the practical side. Every visitor should be greeted appropriately. They should be able to easily pick up brochures or sit down to discuss the products on offer.

Our other tips for properly presenting products during a trade fair

Admittedly, to properly highlight the products at a trade show, we use suitable media, but that is not enough. We do not hesitate to dress the staff as a team. Ideally, everyone wears company-specific outfits or uniforms. This will only increase recognition and bring a unified style to the booth. We also think of mascots, which are very effective marketing tools. In addition to attracting attention, they can be spotted from a distance. Also, people like to take photos with the mascots because of their fun outfit, and they post them on social media. It’s good for the business. If there are drinks and snacks, they should always be fresh and presented correctly. Cleaning must be done regularly so that the stand is always impeccable. Our final tip is to provide personalized, memorable and practical gifts for visitors. We can offer cups, mugs, pens …