May 24, 2022

How to effectively protect your home or business with Verisure

No. 1 in remote monitoring in Europe and with 30 years of experience, Verisure offers a complete protection solution 24/7.

Whether it’s your home and/or possibly your business, it is essential to be able to be away with peace of mind, especially when you go on vacation. If the security systems to install oneself have been greatly improved and democratized in recent years, it is still necessary to have the means to react in the event of a problem if one is at a distance. The most complete solution to effectively protect your home or workplace from a break-in or burglary is to opt for a connected alarm service with 24/7 remote monitoring, such as the one offered by Verisure. With 30 years of experience, this company is the European leader in alarms connected to a remote monitoring center and No. 1 in France with more than 540,000 customers.

A wireless alarm or works

Whether protecting a home or a business site, it only takes a few minutes to request a quote on the Verisure website. A technician travels to study the premises and recommend the best solution depending on the configuration. The company offers a full range of surveillance and security equipment: connected indoor and outdoor video cameras, shock and opening detectors, dry smoke generator. Then, the work-free wireless alarm system is installed by a Verisure technician. The security system is connected to the user’s smartphone to allow him to see and interact remotely. In particular, he can take photos, access the video stream and communicate vocally through the intercom of the alarm center or cameras. The My Verisure application incorporates an “SOS Button” which makes it easy to send an alert signal to the remote monitoring center in the event of a domestic accident or even an attack. At the same time, Verisure remote monitoring is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

my verisure application visuel mobile

Overview of the My Verisure mobile application which allows you to act on your alarm remotely

Remote monitoring that reacts in less than 30 seconds*

For companies (shops, offices), the Verisure protection system enables simultaneous monitoring of different areas: access, circulation, deliveries, storage spaces. Remote monitoring is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Verisure agents who deal with alarm triggers: intrusion, fire (if smoke detector installed), SOS, attempted robbery, etc. They perform a double remote check (audible and visual). If the danger is proven after removing doubt, they call the appropriate emergency services if necessary: ​​law enforcement, firefighters.

Verisure agents respond in less than 30 seconds when an alarm is triggered. They carry out an audio and video check and, if an intrusion is confirmed, trigger the Anti-Burglary Fog device (if fitted) before notifying law enforcement. In the event of a domestic accident, fire, burglary,… they call the appropriate emergency services.

The installation costs of your Verisure alarm are offered

Currently, Verisure offers the costs of installation and commissioning (worth €300 excluding tax) of the equipment that has been recommended. The alarm system as well as the monthly subscription (minimum commitment of 12 months) are the responsibility of the customer**.

*Average response time measured over the year 2016 after reception of the signal by the remote monitoring station on systems for so-called urgent alarms, level 1 (smoke detection, panic, SOS, duress code).

**Offer valid subject to the subscription of a contract with VERISURE before 02/27/2022, cannot be combined with any other current promotional offers and reserved for capable and adult natural persons or legal persons subscribing for the first time to the services of the company and within the limit of one offer per person, or per tax household if applicable.