January 29, 2022

how to create a business page?

In addition to an increased digital presence, a page LinkedIn presents multiple advantages for a company. Indeed, it helps boost brand awareness by making it more visible.

In an inbound marketing approach, a LinkedIn page is a stepping stone to access the company’s site when posting content. This helps generate more traffic. In addition, it brings together employees under a single name in order to promote customer relations.

The main elements to take into account

On LinkedIn, creating a business page requiresprior opening of an individual account. This means that this operation is impossible for those who are not members of this professional network. In addition, the creator of this page must comply with certain conditions. For example, he must have a mid-level user account.

Note that all members of the company can create this space using the company’s own email address. After the validation of these different elements, the creation process can finally begin. To do this, you must first click on the Products icon located in the upper right corner of the toolbar. At the bottom of this menu is the “Create a LinkedIn Page” section.

Select page template

When the required criteria are met, it is necessary to choose the model that is suitable for the activities of the company. If this is a first for the company, the first two solutions are certainly possible.

  • Small companies for a workforce of less than 200 employees.
  • Medium and large companies for more than 200 employees

Fill in the company data

Then, the main information about the company will be requested to continue the creation of its page on LinkedIn. Especially :

  • The name of the company and the URL of the website. Note that the public LinkedIn URL is filled in automatically.
  • The main field of activity
  • The number of employees in your company
  • The category of business represented by your business
  • The logo as well as a presentation sentence or slogan

This information must be filled in at most to make the presentation of the page as detailed as possible. Moreover, this approach aims to communicate to potential customers as much information as possible. In fact, no data should be overlooked. We must not forget that the visibility and credibility of your business page increases as the profile is completed.

Company page overview

After filling in the various information on the form, a preview window of the company page is displayed. Indeed, this cover picture is of great importance in the context of the creation of the professional account. It attracts attention and provides visitors with a visual first impression.

This image must be compatible with both desktop and mobile computers. It is then necessary choose the picture and ensure that it meets the defined dimensions. Note that only PNG and JPEG formats can be used.

Define page administrators

To be able to access the company page, you must be logged in as administrator of it. LinkedIn offers the possibility of designating one or more administrators for the company page. These admins will take care of the management of the platform and perform various interventions on it.

After adding the administrators, you must define their respective roles. Depending on their function, they will be able to update the page and manage the community. In addition, they have the possibility of correcting certain specific characteristics of the company. However, with one exception, admins designated as “recruiters” are permitted to post news and announcements on the page.