July 3, 2022

How to choose a place for a business seminar?

Just having the best concept for a business seminar is not enough, finding the perfect location to make it happen is just as important. The choice depends on several factors, including the budget of the host. The comfort of the participants, the capacity of reception are so many details which count. But how do you distinguish the best addresses? Here are some tips that will help you answer that question.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a venue for a business seminar. Hotels, conference or congress rooms, restaurants and even atypical addresses such as castles, museums and leisure centers are at your disposal. Remember, however, that the cheapest are not necessarily the most suitable for your concept. You need to stay true to the identity of your event and the vibe you want to create.

The first essential step in finding the ideal place for your business seminar: defining the objectives

Whether it’s designing or finding a venue for a business seminar, the first step remains the same. Indeed, you can hardly move forward if you do not know your direction. Before any planning process therefore, ask yourself first what are the goals of the eventt. Do you want to reinforce the values ​​of your company with your employees, strengthen the cohesion of your team or train it on the new procedures? Once you have the answer, you will already have a criterion that will help you in your choice.

During a company seminar dedicated to training, for example, a place equipped with a room with tables and chairs as well as material for the presentation will be necessary. In terms of team spirit, a large space for organizing group activities will be more interesting.

What atmosphere do you want to create?

Since the choices are many, the selection should start with the ambiance you are looking for. In a region alone, you will have hundreds of suitable spaces for this type of event. In order to determine which location is the best match for your business seminar, imagine the perfect environment for him. To get green, you will need an outdoor location, with greenery and why not trees around, or even a lake? In this case, the change of scenery will be the strength of the place.

For those looking for originality, unusual addresses will make more than one happy. Castles, boats or even yurts, Let yourself be tempted by discovery and indulge your employees in the adventure. If you want to stay within the rules and bring a modern touch to your decor, hotel conference and meeting rooms are suitable.

The details that matter in choosing a location for a business seminar

Although a place may seem perfect for your business seminar, if it does not have the desired capacity, make a cross on it. If you plan to receive 100 people, the room must be able to accommodate these 100 people seated. With the restrictions related to Covid, make sure the space is well ventilated and that no one feels cramped. Better to have too many places than not enough.

place for business seminar

Also consider technical needs of your seminar. The best would be to have a room fully equipped or having at least the basic equipment: video projector, projection screen, flip chart, sound system, microphone, etc. If certain materials are not available, book them in advance for rental. Do not forget to take into account their transport costs as well as their follow-up throughout the event. Obviously, this will impact your budget.

The budget: a factor that can change everything

Without a budget, your hands will be tied. Find out about the funds available in advance to quickly refine your searches. Each location that you keep in your selection for your business seminar must therefore respect your accepted price range. Next, budget for all event needs : entertainment, catering, sound system, lighting, transport, goodies, etc. Once again, stay within the margins. Moreover, you must have enough since the unforeseen can sometimes be very expensive.