May 14, 2022

how the mobile allows to manage their life in company?

If certain sectors of activity were previously more concerned than others by the mobility of their employees, the evolution of working methods, accelerated by Covid-19, invites publishers to focus on new issues. How to allow employees “outside the walls” or “without a fixed office” to access their HR data quickly and easily? Is the smartphone, at the heart of our daily digital uses, the key to maintaining the link with mobile employees?

Mobility and accessibility to information: a historical issue for many professions

Historically, certain sectors of activity such as Construction, transport & logistics, personal services or even the agricultural sector, the medical sector or that of personal assistance… are forced to work without a “registered office”, sometimes even without a dedicated computer station.

How then to take leave, get reimbursed for expenses, access a collaborative schedule or even a training catalog, be aware of company news and discuss with colleagues… How to be an integral part of the company by never or almost never being on its premises?

To respond to these issues related to the mobility of their employees, some publishers have combined their solutions available on computers with mobile applications. ” Aware of the place that the smartphone holds in our daily professional uses, we wanted, from the beginning of the project, not to limit ourselves to a platform accessible in SaaS explains Philippe Bloquet, CEO of the startup PeopleSpheres, the originator of an orchestration platform for HR tools. He pursues : ” If HR management tools today must involve the employee to make him an actor of his life in the company, we had to allow him to do this easily, regardless of the time and place in which he is.. In 2021, 84% of French people owned a Smartphone, so we couldn’t wait to develop the mobile application that accompanied our solution. ».

For the employee, the benefits of such mobile applications are concrete: a direct and almost instantaneous link with their HR managers, ease of managing all the administrative aspects of their life in the company, taking charge of their professional development. with easier management of access to training or these annual interviews… This also has an impact on his commitment within the organization.

The Smartphone as a tool for management, cohesion and internal communication

If the employee on the move can access all HR aspects from his application: from l’onboarding at l’offboarding going through the acceptance of one’s leave or even through training, one should not underestimate the animation function of such a tool.

Indeed, like our personal use of the smartphone, such an application makes it possible to engage the employee more. Well beyond the purely administrative aspect, he has in his hands a tool that allows him to stay connected to the life of the company. Because it can, if it wishes, use the application to publish its news or its vacancies, inform about its CSR initiatives, question or challenge employees, inform them of the arrival or departure of certain colleagues… In short, it can become a great team animation tool, like an Intranet or corporate media, with instantaneousness and fluidity as well.

Smartphones: professional life and private life

When it’s difficult to get your entire teams together, as has been the case for nearly two years, this type of tool helps keep in touch with co-workers who might feel left out. And for professions that are constantly on the move, it has become essential.

Only risk to consider: the company must be careful not to invade the personal sphere of the employee’s life. To derive only positive benefits from this type of tool, everyone must use it thoughtfully and not excessively. It is essential to maintain the link without becoming intrusive. The tool must not interfere the employee’s right to disconnect. Managers and management teams must be fully aware of this, at the risk of making the application too pressurizing and slowing down employees. Like any management and communication tool with the teams, such an application must be used sparingly and carefully to be appreciated at its true value.

It’s a fact, the place of the smartphone in our professional lives will continue to grow in the coming years. It is up to the company and the employee to set a well-defined framework for this type of mobile application in order to derive only the benefits. According to a study by TRUCE Software in February 2021, almost 62% of respondents said that mobile phones or tablets play a vital role in helping them be productive at work. It is therefore urgent for publishers to take this subject of mobility seriously and to develop tools that stick to the aspirations of professionals, like the consumer applications that we use every day in our personal lives.

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