May 19, 2022

Home help shortage: a Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef company sounds the alarm

The profession of home help struggles to recruit. © Jean-Paul Barbier

At Saint-Michel Chef Chef, the Grizaut Services operate just in time on a daily basis. Sabrina Blanchard, who heads the home help company associated with Stéphane Grizaut, has to deal with a growing problem: the lack of personnel.

The Grizaut Services have 30 employees, 400 beneficiaries and a sector of twelve municipalities in the country of Retz to cover. And for society, the situation is becoming critical.

” It’s urgent “

“There is an emergency,” says Sabrina Blanchard, who tries to resolve the difficulties from day to day.

“I intervene myself for a few hours of cleaning, repairs and reinforcement, so as not to lose our customers and ensure their comfort. We want to keep our family spirit and this closeness to our customers, but it becomes extremely complicated. “

The needs for home help are substantial and the health crisis due to Covid only amplifies the phenomenon.

“Since then, we have noticed a greater demand for household help,” observes Sabrina Blanchard. We have an increase in residents of Paris, Nantes and Angevins with diverse and varied needs, such as small gardening jobs, DIY, and even childcare. “

“We need reinforcement”

Since June 2021, Sabrina even speaks of “nightmare”:

“There is a constant demand, but this summer, it was an explosion, linked to tourism. In addition, people now prefer to work with local, nearby businesses. Word of mouth works. The atmosphere is family-friendly: I organize the employee schedules myself so that everyone finds a personal balance. We want to preserve this state of mind, but the situation is becoming critical. We need reinforcement. ”

The urgency is to hire. They assess their needs for three permanent jobs: “three people with no particular experience. You just have to be motivated, want to work. It is a great pleasure to help people in need, to make the home clean. It is an inner satisfaction. “

Grizaut company, Saint-Michel Chef Chef. Contact: Sabrina Blanchard at 06 74 56 81 71.

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