July 2, 2022

Health pass in Luxembourg companies: what you need to know

The CovidCheck, Luxembourg health pass, will be mandatory in all companies from January 15, 2022. (© Ninon Oget / News Luxembourg)

If there is one thing on which the government of Luxembourg does not wish to return, it is the establishment of the health pass at work.

From from January 15, 2022 and until February 28 inclusive, employees must be vaccinated, cured or tested negative for Covid-19 to go to the office.

The LCGB union, one of the majority in the country, discusses what to know before the date of application.

A check at the start of the day

To access businesses, only one health pass check will take place at the start of each day. This will be provided by the employer or a designated person. A ID may be requested from the employee for verification.

For those who are only tested, it will suffice for them to present a valid certificate. If it expires a few hours later, access to the company is still guaranteed for the entire day.

A list of people vaccinated and cured

With the idea of ​​facilitating these checks and to avoid presenting your health pass every morning, the Covid law makes it possible to establish a list of people vaccinated and cured on the voluntary basis. This will consist of the names and validity dates of the certificates. At any time, employees can ask to be removed.

Only the employer or the persons in charge of this list will access its content which must be deleted once the law expires.

Sanctions provided for

Even if the lack of a health pass cannot be used as a reason for dismissal or disciplinary penalties, sanctions are possible.

The Labor Inspectorate is in charge of compliance with controls. Employers who do not respect their obligations related to the health pass can be fined 4,000 euros, while this ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros for employees.

For a missing CovidCheck, the latter will have to take leave in agreement with their bosses. Otherwise, they will not be paid for the working hours not performed but social contributions will be maintained. In addition, partial unemployment will be prohibited for these employees.

Exceptions for visitors

Also be careful, company canteens will be subject to the 2G health pass (vaccinated or cured). Clearly, only tested employees will not be able to access it.

Other exceptions concerning visitors: the employer chooses to set up the CovidCheck, or not, in part or all of its building for external people. The latter must respect the barrier gestures if the health pass is not requested.

Finally, this will not be required in the event of teleworking.

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